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    24 TV Betrayals That Literally Had People Gasping On Their Couches

    WHY, OLLY???

    Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most shocking TV betrayals. Here are some of the most memorable!


    1. On Sherlock, when Mary shot Sherlock:


    "When Mary's identity was revealed in the third season of Sherlock and she shot Sherlock, I was shocked."


    2. On Gossip Girl, when Dan revealed himself to be Gossip Girl:

    The CW

    "You can’t have this post and not have Dan being Gossip Girl on here."


    3. On One Tree Hill, when Dan shot Keith:

    Dan points a gun at a shocked Keith
    The WB

    "I mean, we already knew he sucked, but when he killed his own brother, I couldn't believe it! I'm still pissed about it."


    4. On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Giles injected Buffy with a serum that took away her Slayer powers:

    Buffy looks at the syringe and says "you?" and Giles says it's a test given to each Slayer if they reach their eighteenth birthday
    The WB

    "When Giles betrayed Buffy with the power dampener for the council, that really got me."


    5. On Pretty Little Liars, when Toby was revealed to be working with the A Team (though it was later revealed he was only doing it to protect Spencer):


    "When Toby was A. It was so shocking and Spencer's reactions made it so much more emotional."


    6. On The 100, when Clarke killed Bellamy:

    Clarke says "Me, too" then shoots Bellamy
    The CW

    "I definitely didn’t see that coming."


    "Clarke shooting Bellamy — the guy she previously couldn't shoot to save the human race. He literally brought her back to life a week earlier, and she basically killed him for nothing. It’s still fresh, and it’s so absolutely unbelievable and cruel that I’m refusing to accept any of Season 7 as canon."


    7. On Lost, when Michael shot Libby and Ana Lucia:


    "When Michael shot Libby and Ana Lucia dead, released Linus, and turned Jack, Sawyer, and Kate over to The Others because he was working with them to get Walt back. He betrayed all his friends. Still not over it."


    "I saw Ana Lucia's death coming 'cause it was classic Lost (redeeming or making a character deeper just to kill them), but I was rattled to my core when he shot Libby. So much of her story went untold and it broke my heart."


    8. On Killing Eve, when Eve stabbed Vilanelle right when you thought they might kiss:


    "I don't know if this counts as a betrayal, but Eve stabbing Villanelle when they were about to make out was jaw-dropping."


    9. On Game of Thrones, when a bunch of the Night's Watch (including Olly) stabbed Jon to death:


    "I’m sure a lot of people are going to go with the Red Wedding, but for me honestly it was when Olly took part in the group that killed Jon Snow. Jon had done so much for him and to do him so dirty like that...I honestly cheered when Olly got what he deserved."


    10. On Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., when Grant Ward was revealed to be part of Hydra:

    Grant kills Hand and frees Garrett

    "Ward was such a bland, cookie-cutter character who was clearly set up to be part of the traditional main love story with Skye. The writers lulled you into believing that’s what he’d be for the whole show, then they completely pulled the rug out from everybody. Such an unexpected, smart move."


    11. On The Good Place, when Eleanor figured out they were actually in The Bad Place, and that Michael was actually a demon:


    "That laugh and smile that Ted Danson gives is truly one of the best moments of the series. I didn’t see the twist coming, and then when he reveals himself it’s so beautifully evil. Utter perfection."


    "That whole thing shook me. It was one twist I did not see coming at all. I kept wondering, 'How will they get out of this?' and was blown away. And rewatching it, there are clues. I love when you can go back and see the twist coming and it isn't some out-of-the-blue non-foreshadowed twist."


    12. On Elementary, when Irene Adler is revealed to be Moriarty:


    "We spent the entire first season being led to believe that Sherlock’s lost love, Irene Adler, was murdered by a serial killer named Moriarty. Then we find out Irene has been alive the whole time and has been held prisoner for years. And just as it seems like all will be okay, it's suddenly revealed that Irene IS Moriarty, and she betrays Sherlock and Joan. The betrayal of someone you mourned for years just hits so hard."


    13. On Game of Thrones, when Roose Bolton worked with the Freys and killed Robb during the Red Wedding:


    "I was shoook the first time. And then I was shook again when I read the books."


    14. On Supernatural, when Chuck was revealed to be God, then turned out to be really manipulative and selfish:

    The CW

    "I will NEVER not be mad about this. It will fester in my soul for all eternity. The way he completely and utterly betrayed the Winchesters, and not just them, but everyone. The pain I felt watching that happen...I will never recover."


    15. On Angel, when Wesley betrayed Angel Investigations and took Angel's baby:

    Angel smothers Wesley and says he'll pay for taking Angel's son
    The WB

    "When Wesley betrays Angel Investigations and takes Angel's kid away from him. There was build up, and Wes thought he was doing the right thing, but the scene where Angel tries to smother Wes in the hospital will never not be horrifying. It's awful — you love both characters and both of them have valid opinions. But the chilling calmness of Angel making sure Wes knows it's him and not Angelus before all the screaming and pain UGH. It's awful."


    16. On Dollhouse, when Boyd was revealed to be the head of the Rossum Corporation and tried to kill Echo:


    "Jaw. Was On. THE FLOOR. I DID NOT see that twist coming IN THE SLIGHTEST, and when I say I gasped, I mean I actually audibly gasped so hard I choked on air. Just WOW."


    "I have never felt betrayal like it. I was so angry at him!"


    17. On The Flash, when Jay turned out to be Zoom:

    The CW

    "I thought they would’ve learned their lesson after the whole Wells thing in Season 1. But they didn’t."


    18. On 24, when Nina killed Jack's wife:


    "Nina Myers from 24 was the OG betrayer. All season long, we think she's the most trusted friend of Jack Bauer and then boom! She's working with terrorists and kills his wife. Iconic."


    "When Nina Myers on 24 turned out to be working with Alexis Drazen to kill Senator Palmer, and when she also killed Jack’s wife, Teri. My jaw dropped."


    19. On Glee, when Jesse revealed he'd been spying on New Directions:


    "When Jesse St. James turned out to be spying on New Directions for rival group Vocal Adrenaline, and his entire relationship with Rachel had been a lie. I'll never forget the look on Rachel's face when Jesse betrayed her publicly and cracked an egg on her head. Everybody in the McKinley Glee Club had come to trust Jesse and was absolutely blindsided by his betrayal. Even though it had been foreshadowed throughout the season, it still came as a shock to see him turn on Rachel."


    20. On Alias, when Vaughn's wife, Lauren, was revealed to be working for The Covenant:


    "On Alias, when Sydney was gone for maybe two years and Vaughn married someone else???? Who was actually conning him??? Honestly, the moron."


    "That season was wild, especially toward the end, but god that was a great reveal. Probably my second favorite reveal after the Season 2 finale."


    21. On The Office, when Dwight went behind Michael's back and tried to get him demoted/fired:

    Michael tells Dwight Jan told him about their meeting and he knows what Dwight did

    "When Dwight betrayed Michael and tried to take over as the head of Dunder-Mifflin Scranton. I was both shocked and appalled."


    22. On Jane the Virgin, when it was revealed that Rose was Sin Rostro:

    The CW

    "When we found out that Rose was Sin Rostro!"


    "Any Sin Rostro plot twist, like any time she wore a mask and pretended to be someone else."


    "When she posed as Michael’s coworker and shot him on his wedding night!"


    23. On Downton Abbey, when O'Brien planted soap for Lady Cora to slip on, causing her miscarriage:

    O'Brien says the other half of the soap is under the bath, then kicks the soap out from under the bath

    "On Downton Abbey, when O’Brien deliberately left the broken piece of soap on the floor for Lady Cora to slip on while getting out of the tub. That to me was a hard take because Cora trusted O’Brien as her Lady’s Maid, and for O’Brien to intentionally harm her after overhearing a conversation not about her was too much."


    24. And finally, to end on a positive note...on Game of Thrones, when Sansa betrayed Littlefinger:

    Sansa asks how the accused answers the charges of treason, then turns to Littlefinger, who Arya kills

    "I was shook. The way it was done made Baelish think Arya was the accused, and then it got completely turned around on him. 😂😂😂"


    "That scene still brings me so much joy to think about...god I hated that man!!!"


    Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.

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