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In Honor Of Greta Thunberg's Andrew Tate Comeback, Here Are 29 More Times Incels And Sexist Trolls Were Absolutely Destroyed In Just A Few Words

"Women are attracted to actual intelligence, not incel-ligence."

Now, I am *sure* by now you have seen climate activist Greta Thunberg's absolutely iconic reply to Andrew Tate's weird brag about his massive carbon emissions...and his subsequent arrest.

greta responds please email me at small dick energy at get a life dot com to andrew's goading tweet that he has 33 cars

This fits into a very specific genre of online jokes that tickles my fancy, butters my biscuit, etc...basically, just sexist trolls getting owned. Here are 29 more times they were utterly decimated online!

1. This person invented a new word — incelligence — which I am now going to have to adopt into my vernacular.

man asking why women arent attracted to intelligence and someone responds that they're attracted to actual intelligence and not incelligence

2. This guy asked a real desperate question and got the answer he deserved.

"aside from money what do i really need to be able to have sex with as many women as possible"

3. This person pointed out that this guy had just pointed out something realll obvious.

"women be like don't objectify my body unless i want you to" and someone responds, look who just discovered consent

4. This one was almost too easy.

woman saying she pretends to be dumb to see how much a man thinks she really is dumb

5. "Showers can't wash away that pathetic personality" is such a fire insult. No notes.

someone responds to message by saying the person is a lost cause because showers can't wash away that pathetic personality

6. But my favorite comeback is always a "this you?" with receipts.

man posted sexist comment and someone responds this you with a video of him captioned why my wife left me

7. Sometimes, the comebacks write themselves — incels will really just tell on themselves online.

man saying that women want to much from men, like showering everyday

8. Like, this guy...basically just self-reported that he can't control himself and is a total creep. This reply just pointed it out.

man saying women can't get equality because they keep showing skin that he likes to see

9. Incels loveeee bragging about being horrible people.

man saying a weight fell on a woman at the gym and he didn't help because he remembered he needed consent and didn't want trouble

10. Like...did Ben Shapiro really think it was a *good* idea to self-report he's a bad husband and father?

someone responding to ben saying he's only a podcaster and should have stayed up with his sick daughter instead of his wife who had to work the next day

11. This person self-reported they'd never seen a woman up close.

man uses two AI images to say what women should and shouldn't look like so someone says, tell me you haven't seen a real-life women without telling me

12. And this guy let everyone know he's unlikable — the other guy just pointed it out.

man saying he's never left meeting a feminst thinking thats a happy person and someone calling him out to say this is quite the self own since the common denominator is that they just met him

13. This person served as a perfect Google Translate for incels.

man going on a rant about women wearing pants and someone responding, that's a lot of words for nobody will fuck me

14. Mic. Drop.

man says, i'm anitfeminist for the same reasons i'm atheist and someone responds, so you don't believe women exist. im an atheist becuase i don't belive in something i can't see or touch i suppose women are like that for you

15. This guy self-reported his own burn (meaning I hope he learned from this), but it's too good not to include.

man saying he told a woman that rudeness wasn't attractive and she says, what make you think i'm looking to attract you

16. Here's another one somehow heard secondhand, because it's too good to leave out.

woman beating a man at a game and saying, i'm going to fuck your dad and give hima child he'll actually love

17. This guy stepped in to remind an incel that a woman's worth is not in her decision or ability to have children.

man saying that women become infertile at 40 but life to be 80 so what do they do with those 40 years and someone responding telling him that he hopes the women dance on his grave when he dies for being misogynistic

18. This guy was promptly called out for comparing leg hair to cancer.

after a women shares a story about having leg hair a man compares it a tumor saying just because it grows doesn't mean it should stay there

19. A murder occurred here.

someone responding to rude comment by saying they hope the person doesn't have kids because of the parental psychological abuse they'd receive

20. This woman made a very good point.

man lists the things women need to do to keep a man and someone responds, maybe nobody wants to keep him around

21. This person decided to generalize all women and got called out.

woman calling out a man and using his generalizations about women against him

22. This commenter assured OP that they wouldn't have relationship issues, because, well, they wouldn't have a relationship.

commenter calls out OP for wanting a woman with no ego so that he can impose his on hers

23. It's almost funny to compare men's unrealistic, and often damaging, sexual expectations of women to...women wanting men to be nice?

men be like, romance novels set an unrealistic expectation on romance and the unrealistic expectation is getting flowers

24. This person pulled out the RECEIPTS!

25. This is a long response, but it's worth reading if you'd like to see someone thoroughly decimated online.

someone responding to a man claiming he's being bullied everytime he gets rejected from sex from a woman

26. She shut this troll DOWN.

a man saying the woman should stick to acting and her response being that she knows a lot on the subject because she studied at harvard for it and has continued to work in the field for a long time

27. This person epically shot down this sexist joke.

neil leaving several comments explaining that women have been left out of STEM and science opportunities and yet the OP had the balls to make a stupid joke

28. This man asked a dumb question and got a smart response (also, you're delusional if you think women live for free).

man thinks women live for free while men pay for everything and commenter said it's the same men that think of women as property and shouldn't own property or hold their own bank accounts

29. And finally, this person had the perfect reply to a sexist headline.

do women like being sexually harassed, men in new survey say yes. commenter replies, do humans like being eaten alive, sharks in new survey say yes

What's your favorite comeback to a sexist joke? Let us know in the comments!