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29 Times "Gossip Girl" Characters Rightfully Knocked Serena Down A Few Pegs

It's what she deserves.

Let's face it: Serena was one of the worst characters on Gossip Girl.

The CW

She seemed to have everything handed to her, she rarely took responsibility for her actions, she pretended to be the "nice" one despite scheming almost as much as Blair, and she acted like she owned everyone she'd ever dated.

I have to admit I took a certain pleasure in seeing her put in her place. (Don't pretend you didn't.) Allow me to present to you the best times the other characters showed Serena no mercy.

The CW

1. When Blair reminded Serena of the state of her life:

Serena saying she's excited to have a whole summer to figure things out and Blair responding "First of all, S, you didn't go to school this year and you haven't had a real job in months so life is kind of like summer for you"
The CW

"Life is kind of like summer for you" — if that isn't the most accurate statement about Serena's life...

2. ...And then didn't even let her recover before burning her again:

Serena saying "I really am going to change" and Blair replying "Why? All the drama, it's who you are"
The CW

Blair told it like it was.

3. When Georgina made her feelings clear:

"Why do you automatically assume I'm the one lying? If your opinion actually mattered to me, I'd be insulted"
The CW

As it turned out, Georgina was NOT lying. Take that, Serena!

4. And so did Nate:

"I mean, I wish I could say I was happy to see you"
The CW

Pop OFF, Nate!!!

5. When Dan made fun of Serena's pampered upbringing:

"Remember we don't have any servants here, so if you see anyone besides me, call the police"
The CW

Although, let's not forget Dan also had a super privileged life and lived in a nice loft in Brooklyn. But that's a post for another time.

6. When Blair was not afraid to tell Serena the truth:

Serena saying "Compliment me. Tell me my hair looks beautiful" and Blair responding "But your hair looks disgusting. Did you even shower?"
The CW

You asked for it, S.

7. ...More than once:

"With all your Dan issues, it's obvious you think your romantic fate was sealed in the 11th grade"
The CW

She also managed to roast every teen drama character ever.

8. When she again called Serena out for being the same person she was in high school:

"I didn't 'take' Dan, that's not how relationships work. You would know that if you'd grown up at all since high school"
The CW

Season 5 Blair pulled no punches.

9. When Nate didn't let Serena get off so easily when she broke up with him:

Serena saying "it's not you..." and Nate cutting her off with "Oh, it's not you, it's me, right? Yes, Serena. It IS you"
The CW

I almost cheered when he said this.

10. When Serena's high school headmistress came up to roast her choice in college:

"I know I was always hard on you, Serena, but it was only because I thought you could become something. I had hoped you'd leave New York. See the world. Maybe find your place somewhere far away from all this. Oh well. Maybe after college?"
The CW

Then she just walked away!!! Mic dropped.

11. When Blair roasted Serena's taste in men:

Serena saying "It's like choosing between eclairs and Napoleons. They're both delicious" and Blair responding "Except Humphrey's a donut"
The CW

Yes, I know Blair later dated Dan, but we're going to pretend that didn't happen.

12. And again, when she found out Dan and Serena were back together:

"I'm really happy for you. I'm going to go vomit now"
The CW

We love a supportive friend who still keeps it real!!

13. When Serena filmed Dan while they were having sex without his consent so she could send it to Gossip Girl and get revenge on Blair, and then had the audacity to use it to say she and Dan were meant to be:

Serena saying "Now there's nothing standing in the way of us" and Dan replying "Serena, there is no us. There's only you"
The CW

This is one of the few times I was in 100% agreement with Dan.

14. When the gang found out Serena was faking her identity, so they played along while also hinting the truth to her new beau:

Nate saying "she loves surprises," Dan adding "She has so many surprises you could write a book about them," and Georgina finishing with "Where to end that book is the challenge"
The CW

I wish we had more examples of Georgina insulting Serena. Her insults were the best.

15. When Serena wasn't even within earshot and Chuck felt the need to roast her for tricking him into meeting up with his mother:

Elizabeth saying "Your friend Serena told me that you know who I am" and Chuck responding "Friend is a pretty loose term right now"
The CW

Serena needed to stop meddling!!

16. And then Serena tried to intervene and force Chuck to speak to her, and Blair put her in her place:

Serena getting up saying "I'm going over there" and Blair responding "Serena, sit your ass down"
The CW

An iconic line that should've been uttered more than once.

17. When Serena (rightfully) claimed she hadn't kissed both Nate and Dan, and they (rightfully) called her out for all her past wishy-washy behavior:

"So this mystery person texted us from Paris too, AND used us to make some adjunct professor jealous, AND stood us up?"
The CW

Juliet may have made her look guilty that night, but Serena was totally responsible for everything she did before.

18. And then Blair dragged her to hell for always putting the blame on others:

"So Nate, Dan, and Anne are all liars. That's a lot of people to blame, even for you"
The CW

Once again, Juliet was partially responsible, but there was a reason all Serena's friends thought she was capable of being such a jerk! Because it was totally in character!

19. When once again, Serena wasn't even there and Eric literally read her life:

Lily saying "Your sister just withdrew from Columbia" and Eric responding "Alienate everybody, drop out of school, run away? That sounds like Serena"
The CW

Juliet's scheme only worked because she made Serena look like she was doing exactly what she always did.

20. When Blair called Serena OUT for showing up everywhere randomly:

"I must have totally blanked on the part where I invited you over"
The CW

You can't just show up to someone's house, Serena!

21. And so did Dan, albeit a little more playfully:

Serena walking into Dan's room in a fancy dress and him responding "Hey. You're a little overdressed for the study date I didn't know we had"
The CW

She never called ahead!!!

22. When Serena got eviscerated by her own mother:

"I knew you wanted someone. But let's face it, Serena. You don't have boyfriends. You have life rafts"
The CW

It was true!!! Serena could've stood to be alone for a while.

23. When Blair made her feelings clear about Serena's new profession:

Serena saying she's going to work on her blog and Blair responding "Well, how hard can that be? I mean, if you write about how many strokes it takes to brush your hair, people will read it"
The CW

Side note: I'm obsessed with Blair's dress here.

24. And then gave her a backhanded compliment a breath later:

"I always thought you were too good to blog"
The CW

Is she, though??

25. When Dan straight up destroyed Serena's entire life in a single sentence:

"Frankly, it would be the kind of desperate, attention-seeking stunt that would prove you're every bit as shallow and sad as the character in my book"
The CW

And I—

26. When Blair was straight up with her:

"Since we're not friends anymore, let me speak frankly. You're not that smart. You lack focus and discipline. Charm is all well and good, but in the real world, knowledge is power"
The CW

I still don't know how Serena got into Brown.

27. And also basically summed up Serena's personality in a few words:

"Because you take everything from me! Nate, my mom! You can't even help it! It's who you are"
The CW

She's not wrong.

28. When Serena gave Gossip Girl pages of Blair's diary and Blair succinctly summed up her feelings about it:

Serena saying "Like all those terrible things you said about me — that's not how you really feel!" And Blair responding "It is now"
The CW

You tell her, B.

29. And finally, when Dan simultaneously complimented Serena and brought up her issues:

"She's going to grow up to have fabulous hair and a great smile but her daddy issues are going to make it really hard for her to trust people."
The CW

Not really a roast, but still...he didn't really need to bring up Serena's still-fresh daddy issues in playful conversation.

Me after reading all these:


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