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    There's A New Trend On TikTok Where People Fake DJ With Cleaning Supplies And It's Great

    Who needs the club when you have Clorox wipes?

    Most of us are (hopefully) isolating from others and spending a LOT of time indoors. People are starting to get really creative with how they spend their time – and one of the newest trends is pretending to DJ with cleaning supplies.

    Yeah, you heard me. (In the video above: @unclejessiie, @daaarbyy, and @keysherms_)

    When you can't go to a club, the solution is simple. Create one inside!


    DJ QUARANTINO ##thedrop @jaydencroes @iamtherealmf @gileanhoek @quintonfillet

    ♬ Satisfaction - DJ Tokeo

    Can't go to prom? No problem!


    “Nah, 2020 prom was lit” 😭

    ♬ Satisfaction - DJ Tokeo

    No need for a DJ table! Clorox wipes and dish soap, or really any food you have on hand, will do!


    chaos behind the dj booth ##BeatTheZombieFunk ##SnickersFixTheWorld ##fyp ##foryou ##lightskin ##favoritefit @danirabassaa @luludlpp @gianmarcobillau

    ♬ Satisfaction - DJ Tokeo

    This one makes use of awesome effects.

    I don't know what's going on here, but I support it.

    My absolute favorite is not actually a TikTok, but a Facebook video posted by Valérie Desprez.

    Valérie Desprez / Facebook

    The thumbnail gives away the twist, but it's still amazing.

    Keep being weird, guys. It's the only thing getting me through this.