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    I'm Literally Weeping At This Letter Miley Cyrus Wrote To Hannah Montana 15 Years After The Pilot Aired

    "Breathing life into you for those 6 years was an honor."

    Fifteen years ago today, the absolutely iconic television show Hannah Montana premiered.

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    It's been a full decade since Hannah last appeared on our screens, but she's been forever in our hearts.

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    Miley Cyrus has changed a lot since her Hannah days, but that doesn't mean she's forgotten her roots β€” in honor of the 15th anniversary, Miley posted this handwritten letter to Hannah on her instagram.

    Dear @HannahMontana, I still love you 15 years later. #HMForever

    Twitter: @MileyCyrus

    "Hi Hannah," Miley begins. "It’s been a while. 15 years to be exact. Since the first time I slid those blonde bangs over my forehead in the best attempt to conceal my identity. Then slipped into a puke pink terrycloth robe with a bedazzled HM over the [heart]."

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    "I didn’t know then…that is where you would live forever. Not just in mine but millions of people around the world," Miley writes.

    "Although you are considered to be an 'alter ego,' in reality there was a time in my life when you held more of my identity in your glove than I did in my bare hands."

    Hannah performing on stage
    Rick Rowell / Disney Channel / Courtesy: Everett Collection

    Miley then talks about how things have changed, calling Hannah "a rocket that flew me to the moon and never brought me back down." She also mentions how her grandfather "pappy" died before the first season began airing, talking about how proud he was of her.

    Miley also speaks about how many firsts she experienced on set β€” including falling in love and getting her period β€” and the family she made with castmates Emily Osment, Mitchel Musso, and Jason Earles.

    Disney Channel / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Miley's first period story probably mirrors a lot of ours, involving white pants and trying to avoid a cute boy she was supposed to see that day.

    And, of course, getting to work every day with her dad.

    Miley embracing her dad
    Disney Channel / Courtesy Everett Collection

    She also reveals she shared a dressing room with her dad until their last day of filming, and she called Stage 9 β€” where they filmed Hannah Montana β€” where she grew up.

    Miley then mentions the last episode and the song "Wherever I Go."

    Disney Channel

    "The first verse sings, 'Everything is about to change. A chapter ending but the [story's] only just begun. A page is turning for everyone.'" Miley writes. "And closes on a soaring chorus belting, 'We might be apart but I hope you always know you’ll be with me wherever I go.' Hannah, I hope you hear me and believe those words are true. You have all my love and upmost [sic] gratitude. Breathing life into you for those 6 years was an honor."

    And finally, she expresses her gratitude to Disney, the cast and crew, her agents and managers, and her "mommy," who took her to "every lesson and audition even when it required leaving town or making a cross country move," saying she never forgets where she came from.

    Miley then calls Hannah "the greatest gift a girl could ask for," and finishes the letter, "I love you, Hannah Montana. Forever, Miley."

    Disney Channel

    It's safe to say people were pretty emotional.

    With some just hoping Hannah would make a comeback.

    @MileyCyrus @hannahmontana best if both worlds tour 2.0

    And me? Well, I'm just sitting in the corner crying and reliving my youth. We love and miss you, Hannah!!

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    Read Miley's full letter here:

    Miley's handwritten letter
    @MileyCyrus / Twitter / Via Twitter: @MileyCyrus
    @MileyCyrus / Twitter / Via Twitter: @MileyCyrus

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