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    This TikToker Is Re-Creating "Mean Girls" Scenes And They're Better Than The Movie

    I have tried lip-synching TikToks, and they are NOT easy.

    Meet Ely, a 26-year-old dancer and choreographer from Los Angeles.

    Like many of us, Ely is currently stuck at home because of the coronavirus. And also, like many of us, his favorite movie is Mean Girls.

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    All very relatable.

    But instead of just using this extra time to watch Mean Girls, Ely has blessed us with something else: re-created scenes from the movie.

    His videos are INCREDIBLY spot-on — especially this one of Cady first going to Regina’s house, which has been viewed almost 4 million times.

    I need to put the actual video side by side with his so you can see just how AMAZING the re-creation is. EVERY MOVEMENT is the same!!

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    Ely told BuzzFeed that the lip-synching is actually pretty easy, since he knows the scenes so well. Each video usually takes about two to three hours to make.

    He's nailed pretty much every character, from Janis to Cady to Kylie:

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    Not to mention his costumes!!!

    elythorel_ / TikTok / Via

    Ely says he tries to get as close as possible to what the characters wore, especially when it comes to Regina. The only outfit he's had to buy so far is the pink tracksuit for Regina's mom.

    And the seemingly infinite collection of wigs:

    elythorel_ / TikTok / Via

    Ely says he originally bought wigs to practice cutting and styling hair because he always wanted to be a hairdresser. Now he's "obsessed" with wigs — some of the wigs you see in the videos, he actually made himself!

    Ely said the response has been wild: "In two days I gained 30,000 followers. ... I'm so grateful for everyone who supports my videos with their comments and likes. I really sit down every day, liking every comment, because everyone is just so nice and positive, which sometimes isn’t the case on social media."

    He says his goal is just to make someone's day or make them laugh. He told BuzzFeed, "This pandemic really affects everyone so differently, so if I could make some type of difference — even with a simple one-minute video — I’m doing my job correctly.”

    Never stop, Ely. For even more of Ely's content, be sure to follow him on TikTok and Instagram!

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