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    32 Weirdly Specific And Wildly Disturbing T-Shirts I Can't Believe Actually Exist

    Just some gift inspo for your friend's upcoming birthday.

    I love a good novelty T-shirt or thrift store find. But sometimes...they go a little too far.


    Here are 32 cursed T-shirts that simply should not exist:

    1. This is just a bad design.

    Ohhhhh, you mean Capital JAzz Fest from designfails

    2. Oh, lord. How did they not see it?

    Pet the doggy... from designfails

    3. Finally, a shirt that matches my inner voice!

    Don't be happy worry... from graphicdesignfail

    4. For any and all Neils in your life.

    I found this on a friends Facebook page from oddlyspecificshirts

    5. For your friend with a robot significant other.

    S/he is human af from suspiciouslyspecific

    6. Why do I feel like this shirt was made for Scott Lang?

    Don't mess with Baskin Robbins from oddlyspecificshirts

    7. Carly?!??!

    Finally, a T-shirt I'll buy from suspiciouslyspecific

    8. ...Okay?

    harry potter hates ohio from TargetedShirts

    9. I...have no words.

    Blursed_shirt from suspiciouslyspecific

    10. For the ~hip uncle~ in your life.

    Found this gem on twitter from TargetedShirts

    11. We've all been there.

    The real question is who would purposefully wear this shirt from suspiciouslyspecific

    12. They should sell this at the checkout line at Little Caesars.

    suspiciously specific shirt from suspiciouslyspecific

    13. I lost it at this one.

    And yeah, my depression got me this shirt from oddlyspecificshirts

    14. God, I wish I saw someone wearing this out in the wild.

    I love mah daddy from oddlyspecificshirts

    15. If I walked into an auto repair shop and saw someone wearing this, I would simply walk out.

    Can you? from oddlyspecificshirts

    16. I have to know — is this for a Little League?

    This t-shirt found at Goodwill from ShittyDesign

    17. ...Oh.

    mmmm...meat slap from oddlyspecificshirts

    18. What a great mass-appeal shirt that definitely doesn't apply to only 0.02% of the population.

    found this while searching for the game from oddlyspecificshirts

    19. I hope this dude got his financial compensation.

    Very, very specific t-shirt from suspiciouslyspecific

    20. This would also be my prized possession.

    my prized possession from TargetedShirts

    21. I know this has to be a joke, but still, the fact that it exists gives me hives.

    Birthday clown with herpes from TargetedShirts

    22. Can your aunt also make me some T-shirts?

    Cicada Sexfest from TargetedShirts

    23. Well, was it accurate?

    Got my first targeted shirt on Facebook from TargetedShirts

    24. Tag yourself, "I'm weird at parties."

    Found on Instagram from oddlyspecificshirts

    25. there an explanation for the plane here?

    Found at Goodwill from ThriftStoreHauls

    26. I just have so many questions.

    Ah of course from oddlyspecificshirts

    27. The Comic Sans...

    I want one from oddlyspecificshirts

    28. I need a photo of Robert Pattinson wearing this shirt.

    Is this a threat? from oddlyspecificshirts

    29. You know what? I appreciate someone who is up-front about their interests.

    This shirt from “Gamer B Wear” from TargetedShirts

    30. I think my favorite part is, "May have been involve in."

    Well well well..... from suspiciouslyspecific

    31. I'm sorry, they gave this out at SCHOOL?!?

    this was the shirt they gave us when they told us about meth and what it can do to us “don’t meth with us” from CrappyDesign

    32. Let's end on this gem, because I need to go sit down and contemplate what our society has become after reading it.

    Oddly specific ? from TargetedShirts

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