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    23 Tweets About Caillou Because Apparently People Hate Him With A Burning Passion

    Caillou is a menace to society.



    If you feel the same way, you're not alone. Every parent/babysitter/human being knows that he's the absolute worst.


    Because some things are best shared, including hatred for Caillou, here are 23 of the best tweets about the most horrible TV character to ever grace our screens:

    1. Parents everywhere fear him.

    In my house, He Who Must Not Be Named isn’t Voldemort. It’s Caillou.

    2. Hearing his name strikes terror in everyone's hearts.

    What this fucking MONSTER do this time ? ? ?

    3. Seriously. He's not popular.

    Caillou is a rotten child. His sickness is one of both mind and spirit.

    4. All he does is bring fear and suffering to those around him.

    5. ESPECIALLY to his little sister, Rosie.

    #Caillou when he sees Rosie chillin

    6. Though at least he's realistic.

    Caillou was honestly the most accurate depiction of a 4 year old on TV either. Chaos.

    7. Although some find his utter horribleness comforting.

    People dunk on the show Caillou but as a child it was really important for me to see a character that i knew i was better than in every way

    8. And apparently Cole Sprouse would like a live-action version of Caillou.

    . @netflix out here turning every anime live action but ‘conveniently’ forgetting about Caillou.

    9. Some just worry about Caillou's parents.

    caillou’s dad when he sees his demon child pinch rosie’s cheeks

    10. Though some think they're up to the task of roasting their kid.

    caillou’s mom when he gets an attitude

    11. And some are over here just thirsting over his dad...

    everyone talking about the dad from inside out ok where's my caillou rep 😳

    12. ...And comparing him to David Dobrik.

    Someone said Caillou’s dad looks like David Dobrik😭

    For's David Dobrik.

    Ilya S. Savenok / Getty Images

    13. A lot of the Caillou discourse has been around his alleged height.

    14. Which may have been confirmed in his theme song??

    caillou didn't lie when he said "each day i grow some more" kids tall as shit

    15. But his height only makes people fear him more...

    Now that I know caillou is 5'11, I'm taking back all those bald headed biscuit head jokes I made about him. He can literally stomp my ass.

    16. ...And, by extension, fear his parents.


    17. One day, Caillou will destroy us all.

    ‘Each day I grow some more.’ - caillou

    18. Some have even compared him to this disaster of a year.

    19. Though some are making slightly more favorable comparisons, like to Aang from Avatar: the Last Airbender.

    some of y’all about to be real mad at me but it must be said: caillou is aangs long lost evil twin

    20. And to Saitama from One-Punch Man.

    Can we talk about how Caillou had the greatest pokemon evolution?

    21. Apparently, Caillou could go on to be a lot of different characters, though I'm thinking he'll go a villain route.

    Since Caillou is trending, heres his evolution chart.

    22. A lot of the discourse has also been around Caillou's baldness.

    Caillou is trending so here you go

    23. In conclusion...Caillou is the worst and we must band together to stop him.

    Wife: Where are the girls? Me: In timeout. They said the C word. Wife: *gasps* You mean... Me: Yes. "Caillou."

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