23 School Lunches That I Cannot Believe Were Actually Served In Good Faith

    I am so glad I'm not in school anymore.

    Look, I think it's great that schools provide cheap lunches (though TBH, I think they should be free). But sometimes...they leave something to be desired.

    Here are some photos of school lunches that I, personally, am not a fan of.

    1. This hamburger that seems to have bubbles in it?

    2. This chicken that has turned gray:

    3. This absolute abomination:

    4. This infectious-looking bread:

    5. This greenish, slimy hot dog on sliced bread:

    6. This watery macaroni and beans mix:

    7. This chicken sandwich with a raw inside:

    8. This cheesesteak that looks like it's made with beef jerky:

    9. This concoction, which is somehow mashed potatoes:

    10. This pile of mush on a roll:

    11. This cheese sandwich that looks like a 5-year-old made it:

    12. This pizza that looks like it was left out for a few years:

    13. Whatever this is:

    14. This mushy mound that I think is a sloppy joe:

    15. This...burrito bowl? I think?:

    16. This salad IN A BAG:

    17. This utterly pathetic "cheese and tomato bagel":

    18. This miniature hot dog:

    19. This cheeseburger that someone definitely stepped on:

    20. This...concoction:

    21. This pita and...falafel, I think, that has definitely been nibbled on by rats:

    22. This pizza that looks like when I pick off a scab:

    23. And finally, this gnocchi with some sort of mysterious dried vomit around it:

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