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    21 Aboslutely Hilarious Texts People Have Actually Received

    "Hannah Montana was a con artist."

    1. This fairly good point:

    text from Jesse: "If I was cloned I think I would probably kick my own idk I was just thinking abt it and I'm like 100% sure I'd kick my ass. I know all my own weaknesses I could fight..."

    2. This ominous warning:

    . from texts

    3. This father-child rebellion planning:

    "My mom told me to stop vaping in the house and my dad just texted me this: 'They are conspiring against us. Vapers. Rule. Stay strong.' Update: 'This is the VAPE LORD. Puff and blow at mom. I am your father"

    4. This evidence that Miley Stewart was committing identity fraud:

    text saying Miley and the other Stewarts are committing identity fraud because Hannah Montana has a driver's license which means she has a social security and proof of address for Hannah who is not a real person

    5. This practical joke that was pretty dark:

    6. This quick change:

    7. This grandmotherly misunderstanding:

    8. This strange check-in:

    "just got a really funny message" and the message is a screenshot of a tweet where someone orders piss at the bar and then the message "hi this reminded me of you I miss you I hope you're safe and doing ok"

    9. This classic:

    10. This text that I MUST know the story behind:

    This is the funniest text i have ever received in my ENTIRE LIFE and i want it put on my grave

    Twitter: @kristinascotto

    11. This complaint with a qualifier:

    text from Greg: "I know I'm a horrible roommate/part of why you can't trust men but it's 5am and you've been playing Mariah Carey for 3 hours and I'm going..."

    12. This concern over a cat being a cat:

    This might be the funniest text I've ever gotten from my mom

    Twitter: @gremuir

    13. This valid question:

    mood from texts

    14. This hilarious wrong number text:

    15. This DoorDash driver's confusion:

    The world would be bleak without DoorDash drivers

    Twitter: @decentbirthday

    16. This relatable sentiment:

    "Also I got a tiny rubber baby for 95 cents" then a picture of it next to a coin, and a text from Dad saying "this little plastique l'enfants by the computer vexes and haunts me"

    17. This example of a dad knowing his child far too well:

    text from Dad: "Why the sudden interest in violin?" response: "idk i just want to" Dad: "What anime character plays violin"

    18. This interesting goodnight message:

    text from Mom: "In my life there are no good signs! Only death and destruction! Night night

    19. This incorrect assumption:

    "I don't even know what a Claire's is but from what I've gathered it's a goth cotsco" response: "you couldn't be any more incorrect"

    20. This parental drama:

    21. And finally, this hilarious drunk message:

    text asks person to pick them up because they're drunk, then says they don't have to anymore because they're home — the person replies "yes, I was aware of that after dropping you off at home"