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    53 Wildly Disturbing Things That Actually Happen In "Bee Movie"

    What did Ray Liotta do to deserve this?

    Look, I love movies. I love memes. One thing exists at the exact intersection of these interests: Bee Movie.

    Bee Movie poster
    DreamWorks / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Despite this, I have never actually seen Bee Movie. All of my knowledge of the film I've gotten from Tumblr.

    a post that says "In Skyrim you can ride a bee" with someone replying you can ride a bee in real life, too. Someone replies with a photo of Vanessa from Bee Movie and then someone says "don't do this here"
    perchu / Tumblr / Via

    I know there's a bee voiced by Jerry Seinfeld. The bee falls in love with a human woman. That's all I got, folks.

    Because a) I'm curious and b) I have nothing better to do, I have decided to finally watch the film and see if it's as bonkers as everyone says. Thus, I will document every disturbing thing that happens in the film.


    Warning: Spoilers ahead, I guess?

    1. Right off the bat, in the first few minutes of the film, something happens that truly makes me shudder: Our main character, Barry, SHARPENS his STINGER in a pencil sharpener, which vibrates his bulbous butt.

    Barry sharpening his stinger in a pencil sharpener

    I can't believe I just typed those words. I have a feeling that this is going to be the first of many weirdly sexual things in the film, so I am going to start a count.

    Weirdly sexual moments: 1

    2. Barring that truly disturbing moment, the movie starts off pretty standard. Everyone in the hive is super excited to do their part and work for the rest of their lives — but Barry wants more out of life.

    a woman giving a tour of the hive says "We know that you, as a bee, have worked your whole life to get to the point where you can work for your whole life!"

    Although this isn't exactly High School Musical, there seems to be some heavy anti-capitalism commentary here, unless I am mistaken. You know, classic kids movie stuff.

    Strangely political undertones: 1

    3. Before they choose their jobs, Barry and his BFF Adam get a tour of the hive (at this point I'm confused, because they've lived there their whole lives, but whatever), and we get the second disturbing moment of the film...

    Adam calls a girl hot, ad Barry says she's his cousin, and that they're all cousins

    Because all good kids films should have incest jokes! (That's sarcasm.)

    Incest jokes: 1. I cannot believe I have to have a count for this in a CHILDREN'S MOVIE.

    4. It's not a one-off, either. They really run with this joke.


    Incest jokes: 2

    5. Wait, I take back what I said about capitalism. Is this a critique of failed communism??

    one of the Pollen jocks

    The themes of this movie are a little muddled, tbh, but that "comrade" CANNOT be coincidental. You could do a whole thesis on the economic commentary this film is making.

    Strangely political undertones: 2

    6. Then the plot really gets going: Barry decides to go out of the hive with the pollen jocks rather than choose a job, but he gets lost and eventually ends up being saved by a woman named Vanessa. I just want to mention one thing here, and that's Barry coming across a dead bug in the air-conditioning vents of a car.

    Barry sees a frozen solid bug and says "Ew, gross"

    I truly do not understand the world we're immersing ourselves in here. I mean, for Barry, this is the equivalent of us seeing a dead human frozen in ice, right? And he just nonchalantly goes, "Ew, gross???"

    Unnecessarily violent/dark moments: 1

    7. Vanessa is understandably shocked at hearing a bee speak, so naturally, she stabs herself with a fork.

    Vanessa stabs her hand with a fork, and Barry says "that was a little weird"

    Forget pinching yourself to see if you're dreaming! Jump right to stabbing your hand with a fork!

    Unnecessarily violent/dark moments: 2

    8. And then...Vanessa and Barry start flirting and hitting it off, and they play this "tender music" and HOLD HANDS, and oh my god, I cannot get past the fact that Barry is a literal BEE.

    Barry looks at Vanessa as a tender theme plays, then they hold hands

    Look, if no one else is going to say it, I will: How do they plan to have sex?

    Just completely bonkers moments: 1

    9. But the worst part of the film so far comes when Barry daydreams about going on a date with Vanessa. There's just...a lot to unpack here. Like when Vanessa kills a bug in front of Barry.

    Vanessa hits and kills a bug on her leg and they both laugh


    Unnecessarily violent/dark moments: 3

    10. Or just the generally flirtatious way she speaks to him.

    Vanessa says "Don't be too long!" in a flirty voice

    Weirdly sexual moments: 2


    Vanessa draws a heart in the air then crashes the plane into rock and it explodes

    Unnecessarily violent/dark moments: 4

    12. That is literally Vanessa's skeleton.

    Metal of the plane and Vanessa's skeleton

    Again, isn't this a kids movie?!! Going to count this under bonkers moments too.

    Just completely bonkers moments: 2

    13. Despite being cautioned to stay away from Vanessa, Barry just keeps going back. And then he mentions his sex drive. :/

    sitting on Vanessa's shoulder, Barry says "You work through it like any emotion. Anger, jealousy...lust"

    I wish I were making this up. He really said "lust" and looked up at her like 🥺 👉👈 .

    Weirdly sexual moments: 3, and this is the worst one yet.

    14. It's around the 33-minute mark, though, where things really start to go off-kilter. Thus far the plot has been about Barry wanting to see the world and then falling in love...very Disney. But then he finds out that humans are selling honey and gets super upset.

    Vanessa asks if Ray Liotta is "that actor," and Barry says he never heard of him

    There's also this weird Ray Liotta shade? I really don't think any kids watching this will know who that is.

    Random Ray Liotta hate: 1

    15. Barry goes to interrogate a worker to find out where the honey's coming from...and the worker somehow senses him in the room?

    the worker says "He is here. I sense it"

    I'm sorry, has this man been interrogated by a bee before?

    Wild plot pivots: 1


    the man and Barry fighting

    Why is this man not at all surprised that bees can talk? Why does he fight him with a pin instead of trying to smack him?

    Just completely bonkers moments: 3

    17. I finally get my answer about how bugs are seen in this world when Barry gets stuck on a windshield with a bunch. They're clearly comparable to bees in terms of personality and intelligence. And yet...Barry is still completely nonchalant about being TRAPPED NEXT TO A DEAD BODY.

    Barry asks about the bug next to him, but the mosquito says he's dead, and Barry says "Alright"

    Unnecessarily violent/dark moments: 5

    18. He also competes with another bug to hold on to the car, cheering when the other bug is thrown off, presumably to his horrible death.

    Barry yells "aha!" as another bug gets dragged off the car, screaming

    Is Barry the villain of this movie?

    Unnecessarily violent/dark moments: 6

    19. Barry finds a honey farm and discovers that bees are being mistreated, and then we get this truly random joke that just did not need to be in this film.

    Barry sees a picture of the queen and says "This is your queen? That's a man in woman's clothing! That's a drag queen!"

    Vaguely offensive jokes: 1

    20. Like, seriously. Who decided to put these lines in a kids movie?!

    Barry's uncle says "I dated a cricket once in San Antonio. Man, those crazy legs kept me up all night"

    Weirdly sexual moments: 4

    21. The plot continues to go off the rails when Barry decides to sue the human race. Yep, you read that right.

    a news reporter says Barry is planning to sue the human race for stealing honey

    Wild plot pivots: 2

    22. Sidenote: Some of the jokes in this movie just feel SO out of place, like this one about plastic flowers. Who is this movie for?! This is not Seinfeld!

    Barry says "There's nothing worse than a daffodil that's had work done"

    Vaguely offensive jokes: 2

    23. Okay, the idea of suing the human race was bonkers enough. But then...they actually get a trial?! And the lawyer of the other team just walks in and casually accepts that there are literal bees he's about to argue against?

    the lawyer for the food corporations walks past the bees and says "Well, if it isn't the bee team"

    A mess.

    Just completely bonkers moments: 4

    24. We also get another act of bug violence for good measure.

    the lawyer steps on a beetle

    Can we stop with all the bug violence in a movie where bugs are the main characters?

    Unnecessarily violent/dark moments: 7

    25. The trial proceeds about as you would expect — i.e., absolutely ridiculously. It's not even funny at this point; it's just...odd.

    the lawyer says "for all we know, he could be on steroids!"

    Drug references: 1

    26. At one point, Barry brings out an actual live bear to frighten the jury, and I just accept it. I've seen worse in this film. He also brings in musician Sting to defend his stage name, which Barry is basically claiming as bee appropriation? I don't know. I got a little lost here.


    Just going to count these as one because I feel like they're both half bonkers.

    Just completely bonkers moments: 5

    27. I really don't get what this movie has against Ray Liotta. They singled him out hardcore. Out of all the celebs to throw shade at, Ray is about the most random one they could've chosen.

    Barry congratulates Ray on his Emmy for a 2005 guest spot on ER

    Once again, WHO IS THIS MOVIE FOR? I feel like I am missing out on an inside joke between a small friend group, which is not how I should feel about a mass-appeal kids movie.

    Random Ray Liotta hate: 2

    28. This is so weirdly specific.

    Barry says he sees from Ray's resume that he's handsome but with an inner turmoil that's always ready to blow

    Random Ray Liotta hate: 3

    29. I mean, really.

    Variety magazine saying "Studio dumps Liotta project"

    Random Ray Liotta hate: 4

    30. At a break between days of the trial, we check in on Vanessa and her fiancé (I'd almost forgotten about that storyline), who treats Barry like the other man (which he kind of is). So naturally, he tries to violently kill Barry.

    Ken shooting fire at Barry

    Look at the pure joy in his eyes. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he straight-up killed Barry right here. That'd be pretty much par for the course in this film.

    Unnecessarily violent/dark moments: 8

    31. Barry somehow surfs on a nail file and survives. Was the person who wrote this on drugs?

    Barry surfs on a nail file and says "surf's up, dude!" and Ken gets splashed and says "Ew! Poo water!"

    Somehow, this is not the strangest dialogue or screengrab of the film.

    Just completely bonkers moments: 6

    32. And Vanessa finally kicks her bum fiancé out in a moment with a LOT of weird subtext. Does Ken think Vanessa is having sex with Barry and/or other bugs??!?

    Vanessa says Barry is the nicest bee she's met in a long time and Ken asks if there are other bugs in her life

    This is one of the few times in the film when Vanessa acknowledges that she and Barry might be more than friends. Honestly, I'm not sure why they didn't just go for it at this point. The line was already so far crossed.

    Weirdly sexual moments: 5

    33. Oh, here we go. The food-corporation lawyer asks the question we've all been waiting for.

    the lawyer asks what Barry's relationship to Vanessa is, asking if they live together and if he's her bedbug


    Weirdly sexual moments: 6

    34. Turns out he's just provoking the bees so they'll sting him and show the jury that they're vicious, which makes sense. What doesn't make sense is the lawyer lifting up his coat so they can sting his butt specifically.

    the lawyer says "don't y'all date your cousins?"

    We also get another incest joke! I don't get why Adam gets so upset at this comment, though. He's right.

    Weirdly sexual moments: 7

    Incest jokes: 3

    35. The person who animated this...please explain. The person who wrote need help. One of the jurors legit did a Hail Mary after this. You know what you did was wrong.

    the lawyer says "oh, what angel of mercy will come forward to suck the poison from my heaving buttocks?" while pushing his butt towards the jury

    This is an actual quote from this movie. You cannot make this stuff up.

    Weirdly sexual moments: 8

    36. So Adam stings the lawyer's butt and is put in a hospital bed. He has inexplicably had some sort of sandwich toothpick stuck into the hole where his stinger was or perhaps his butthole.

    with a plastic sword shaped toothpick coming from his butt, Adam says they got it from the cafeteria

    Do bees have buttholes? Strike that, I don't want to know.

    Weirdly sexual moments: 9

    Just completely bonkers moments: 7

    37. But even worse than an actual bee being treated at a hospital with a toothpick in his butt is this line, which comes when Barry asks Adam what it's like to be stung.

    Adam tells Barry "it was all adrenaline and then...ecstasy"

    This is 100%, without a doubt, unnecessary. Just why. Did we need a reference to orgasms in a kids movie?

    Weirdly sexual moments: 10

    38. Of course, Barry finds his smoking gun (literally) and goes back to the trial, where the food corporation's lawyer is in one of these baby walker things with absolutely no explanation.

    the lawyer pushing himself in a baby walker

    If his butt was hurt, wouldn't he NOT want some diaperlike thing pushing on it? The neck brace was kind of funny. But this thing...too far.

    Just completely bonkers moments: 8

    39. Barry delivers a scathing closing statement, with not-so-veiled racial commentary that really has no place in this film.

    Barry asks if bees should spend their lives as slaves to the white man and points at lawyers

    The one Black lawyer inches away from the others, just as I'd like to inch away from this movie.

    Vaguely offensive jokes: 3

    40. And they go for another racial joke a second later. This movie really just doesn't know when to give things a rest.

    the assistant asks the food lawyer what they're going to do, and the lawyer says Barry played the species card

    Vaguely offensive jokes: 4

    41. Barry wins, and the honey gets returned to the bees, which means it gets taken from everyone else. Including WINNIE THE POOH!! Did the legal team at Disney really allow this??

    Piglet standing next to Pooh, who's holding honey

    Just completely bonkers moments: 9

    42. Not even old ladies using honey in their tea are safe. I honestly find this image one of the most disturbing of the film.

    a government team pointing snipers at an old lady as they hold her down

    Unnecessarily violent/dark moments: 9

    43. At this point, I'm not really sure what's to come in the movie. But I'm still surprised when it turns out that Barry is basically responsible for what's about to be the end of the human race/the planet.

    Barry looks out at a dead-looking park in shock

    Sidenote: Vanessa makes Barry come over so he can see this and he's all shocked. But...wouldn't he have seen this on the way over?

    Wild plot pivots: 3

    44. Vanessa and Barry talk about the hopeless fate of the human race, and then Barry suggests a suicide pact that's really more of a murder-suicide. I wish I could say I was surprised at this point.

    Barry suggests a suicide pact, and Vanessa asks how they'd do it. Barry says he'd sting her and she could step on him

    I have no more words.

    Unnecessarily violent/dark moments: 10

    45. They come up with a fairly ridiculous 11th-hour plan, which of course involves property theft and violence.

    Vanessa pushes a ladder away from a float and the girl dressed as a princess falls and screams

    Unnecessarily violent/dark moments: 11

    46. And then here comes the final plot pivot, which honestly leaves me shaking. Through a series of events that are too stupid to write, BARRY AND VANESSA END UP HAVING TO LAND A PLANE.

    Barry asks "Isn't John Travolta a pilot? How hard could it be?"

    At this point, the friend I was watching the movie with fell asleep. I tried to explain the ending to her after, and she thought I was lying.

    Wild plot pivots: 4

    47. The press finds out, and Barry somehow inspires the bees to help and tells humans to stop underestimating them. I'm so unclear about the theme of this movie.

    Barry says "but let me tell you about a small job. If you do it really well, it makes a big difference"
    Dreamworks capitalism good, then? Or was it about communism? Are they encouraging working until you die?

    Strangely political undertones: 3

    48. The bees HOLD THE PLANE UP (I refuse to believe this is possible), and yet for some reason, Vanessa still almost straight-up murders a tourist in a flower shirt because Barry tells her to "aim for the flower."

    Barry says "That's a fat guy in a flower shirt!"

    Vaguely offensive jokes: 5

    49. They land the plane because Barry feels some instinct pulling him to this flower made of bees chanting, "THINKING BEE! THINKING BEE!" in a cultlike fashion. Somehow they do not crush a single one of the bees.

    the plane lands on the flower

    After all that casual insect death, I'm sort of shocked that none of the characters died.

    Just completely bonkers moments: 10

    50. The bees pollinate the city and stop the world from ending. Vanessa allows Barry to help run her shop. We are still unclear about whether/how they're boning.

    Vanessa's flower shop, now with the sign "Vanessa and Barry, flowers, honey, and legal advice"

    Just a woman and a bee running a flower shop/law business together, I guess. Normal stuff.

    Just completely bonkers moments: 11

    51. And finally, we get one last vaguely offensive joke, this time directed at lawyers.

    the mosquito says "Ma'am, I was already a blood-sucking parasite. All I needed was a briefcase"

    Vaguely offensive jokes: 6

    Alright, folks, here's our final count:

    final tally of all the bonkers moments
    Irina Kashparenko / Getty Images

    All in all, this movie had 53 moments that really did not belong in an animated children's film about bees. There is no excuse.

    Final thoughts:

    I don't get what the point of this movie was. In the end, nothing in the hive has changed. They've just learned to appreciate their ability to work themselves to death, I guess? Barry's life changes, but he's still very much operating within the hive system he hated so much. He hasn't helped his family or his friends. He just created a mess, then fixed it. This also isn't the love story I thought it would be: Vanessa and Barry don't really end up together. There's no real resolution to that plotline. Overall, this movie was just sort of a jumbled mess of in-jokes that do not appeal to a wide audience, and certainly not children. I honestly cannot believe it was made. certainly wasn't boring, that's for sure!