24 Kids Who Reallyyyyyy Creeped Out Their Parents And Teachers With The Disturbing Things They Wrote

    "I like this girl. I want to cook her. But first I need to kill her." Um, WHAT?!?!

    1. This journal entry from a "very sweet otherwise" 6-year-old...and people are pretty sure the girl was going to finish with "suck her blood."

    A note from a 6-year-old about wanting to kill and cook a girl

    2. This drawing started out sweet enough, with the kid writing, "I have so many hopes and wishes. It's the best day ever." But if you look to the right, things took a dark turn.

    "I will eat you where there's nothing left of you"

    3. This 9-year-old kid made this terrifying drawing/note for their parents.

    A creepy drawing saying "Help me Help me Help me"

    4. Someone's 9-year-old wrote this...and yep, their parents were called.

    A poem about a car wreck

    5. This kid was even younger, writing this poem in second grade...though they now have no memory of it.

    A poem by a second-grader

    6. This person had no memory of writing this, either.

    A creepy note from a child

    7. This student was not happy with their teacher.

    An angry note from a student to a teacher

    8. This parent received this from their 8-year-old.

    A kid saying they're gonna be a sad clown who escaped from jail for Halloween

    9. This came from a student.

    A note from a student that ends with, "So, she killed every husband she had."

    10. This student's story took a dark, creepy turn.

    A story by a child

    11. This kid wrote a pretty freaky story in first grade.

    A first-grader's story

    12. This kid's teacher clearly never read their story before laminating it — this was apparently from an assignment to write a story about another student on their birthday.

    A story by a student titled "Burglar Turns Himself In"

    13. This kid made a bunch of really weird "calculations" on "space travel," which might have been innocent enough if they weren't accompanied by a drawing of an alien captioned "THEY EXIST AND ARE HERE."

    Equations written on paper with a picture of an alien

    14. This person found this drawing of a teacher killing students on the ground in a middle school.

    A drawing of a teacher killing students

    15. But this old warning about "Sleepeye" is even creepier.

    A paper by a young child about "Sleepeye"

    16. This person found a note from a little kid at a campsite in Georgia.

    A note from a child at camp

    17. This kid had his younger sibling sign a real creepy contract.

    "You agreed to play this game so if you get hurt you cannot tell on me"

    18. This is a 6-year-old's schoolwork.

    A child saying they love to pretend to be dead

    19. This kid made an interesting card for his father.

    A card from a child to their father for Father's Day

    20. This kid hid this note under their bed.

    A note from a child

    21. This person got a creepy note from their third-grade pen pal.

    A note from one kid to another

    22. This was found on an elementary school playground.

    A "Death note" found on a playground

    23. Another teacher found this on the playground.

    A note saying, "I'm coming for you"

    24. And finally, this warning — which says "Turn your eye to the darkness and hide so you aren't spotted by the mystery guy" — was pretty darn ominous.

    "Turn your eye to the darkness and hide so you aren't spotted by the mystery guy"

    What's the creepiest thing you've ever found from a child? Let us know in the comments!