15 Of The Wildest Musicals That I Cannot Believe Actually Made It Onstage

    I'll never be the same after learning there's a musical about a horny Slenderman.

    Hi, I'm Hannah, and I'm a huge musical theater fan!

    me at Moulin Rouge

    I would've thought I'd heard of them all, but since quarantine one of my hobbies has become discovering somewhat obscure musicals (especially based on movies or books) like Jekyll & Hyde and Titanic.

    David Hasselhoff as Hyde

    Most of them are just interesting in a fun, but there have been a few my friend and I have discovered that are...well, frankly, bizarre.

    Text where my friend asks if there's a Human Centipede Musical and then finds it

    In case you're curious about the horrors I discovered, read on to learn about the most bizarre musicals I've ever had the misfortune of stumbling upon.

    1. A Slenderman Musical

    foggy forest with the text "A Slender Man Musical, Paul Shapera"

    2. Human Centipede: The Musical!

    People onstage with their heads tied to others' butts

    3. Me and My Dick

    boy on his bed talking to a man with pants that made his legs look like balls

    4. Silence! The Musical

    Clarice talking to Hannibal behind the glass

    5. Evil Dead the Musical

    zombies dancing

    6. Raggedy Ann

    Raggedy Ann talking to a little girl

    7. The Dolls of New Albion

    poster with an eye with gears and a clock on it

    8. Bring Back Birdie

    poster for Bring Back Birdie

    9. Scarrie

    the girls throwing tampons at Carrie

    10. Moose Murders

    man in a wheelchair and a man dressed as a moose

    11. Let My People Come

    Woman pretending to give a hand job to a large fake penis

    12. Via Galactica

    poster for Via Galactica, with a silhouette of two people kissing with planets inside them

    13. Love Never Dies

    the Phantom trying to touch Christine's face

    14. The Best Little Whorehouse Goes Public

    showgirls posing

    15. And finally, Rockabye Hamlet

    Playbill for Rockabye Hamlet, with a drawing of lots of people singing and dancing