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    25 Moms, Dads, Siblings, Grandparents, And Kids Who Made Me Laugh On The Internet This Week

    Parents after typing for 5 minutes: "ok."

    Ah, family. They can drive us out of our minds and also provide love and comfort in our lives.

    Maybe 'cause I'm a little homesick, I've decided to compile 25 of my favorite tweets about family that range from relatable to funny to wholesome. Enjoy!

    1. This mom was just making a suggestion:

    Twitter: @yungchomsky

    2. This tweet was applicable to literally every parent ever:

    flight: scheduled to depart at 3 pm my parents at 4 am:

    Twitter: @omarIoya

    3. And this one basically summed up dads:

    my dad whenever i bring up a friend i’ve had for years

    Twitter: @DemetriusHarmon

    4. As did this post:

    Twitter: @NoContextBrits

    5. This little brother had a bit of an issue:


    Twitter: @ratchetmulan_

    6. And this dad just wanted to support his child:

    someone liked a ton of my tweets at once and their account has 0 followers and was JUST made, and I thought, “this must be a bot.” then I looked closer. it’s my dad.

    Twitter: @karencheee

    7. This mom just wanted to support her kid:

    Twitter: @icarlykane

    8. This mom got a little confused:

    Twitter: @BrotiGupta

    9. As did this mom:

    my mom asked me yesterday why i was at a club and i was like ??? and then through a lot of back and forth i found out someone posted a scene from parks and rec on fb where tom throws an entertainment 720 party that i was in NINE YEARS AGO and she thought it was real, current life

    Twitter: @nataliemorales

    10. This little brother had a fantastic idea:

    Y’all.... this is how my little brother wanted to come out in the family group chat 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    Twitter: @PlanetKenn

    11. This older brother went a bit too dark in his humor:

    I remember my moms Uncle Joe died and got cremated and we were on the way to the funeral and she said she wanted some coffee and my older brother said “well we got a box ‘a Joe right here” and that didn’t make her laugh

    Twitter: @RemmyBux

    12. This child made art out of a family tragedy:


    Twitter: @filmtrashed

    13. This dad was literally just vibing:

    my dad is sitting outside in an inflatable hot tub listening to dark side of the moon and i get this fucking text

    Twitter: @thewhostellout

    14. This dad wasn't ready to take responsibility:

    My dad ate my pizza rolls and this is the message I get ! 😂😂😂😂😂

    Twitter: @allaayyynnnaa

    15. This post says "men," but is definitely specifically about dads:

    Men will bury their emotions for decades and then take it all out on children tubing while they drive the boat

    Twitter: @PsychoPimp420

    16. This is a post that I think my mom needs to see:

    Twitter: @JustinCentric

    17. This nephew just wanted to introduce his uncle properly:

    Omg I just joined my nephew’s IG live and he goes “thats my gay uncle everyone”

    Twitter: @V_nASSty

    18. This grandma was a bit confused, but got the spirit:

    my grandma keeps calling these shirts bisexual and i’m tryna tell her the word is fuckin unisex

    Twitter: @ddianafoxx

    19. This niece wanted to keep things rated G:

    Please enjoy this text conversation between my niece (10 years old) and her cousin (9 years old):

    Twitter: @kierstenwhite

    20. These parents left an ominous note in their Christmas card:

    I learned this morning that my parents’ unconditional love expires on New Years Eve.

    Twitter: @WillKeible

    21. And this mom couldn't resist using her go-to comforting phrase:

    Me: "got another rejection email lol" My mum: "they’re just jealous of you"

    Twitter: @__inny_

    22. This dad was at Peak Dad™:

    my dad wants to road trip to JFKs death site to “see if the FBI missed anything” why can’t you just be NORMAL

    Twitter: @crotchner

    23. And this dad comforted his daughter in an interesting way:

    Twitter: @krysstaljimenez

    24. This tweet captured what it's like to text a parent:

    no one: parents after typing for 5 mins : "ok" "👍🏽"

    Twitter: @IcyJaime

    25. And finally, this dad just wanted to keep his daughter humble:

    told my dad i got a new job and this is his response? 🥰

    Twitter: @ughneha