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    24 Of The Best Enemies-To-Lovers TV Couples Of All Time

    Bonus points if their first kiss is in the middle of an argument.

    Recently we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community for their favorite enemies-to-lovers TV couples. Here are some of the most-submitted results!


    1. Leslie and Ben from Parks and Recreation

    Leslie calls Ben a jerk, then three seasons later they get married

    "As soon as they met, you could see how Leslie felt her work was threatened by Ben's, but their relationship evolved into something so much deeper and sweeter. It's honestly one of my favorite TV couples of all time. They really ended up supporting each other through thick and thin."


    2. Emma and Hook from Once Upon a Time


    "Watching Hook and Emma go from flirting while trying to kill each other to being married with a baby was *chef’s kiss*."


    "They had chemistry from the second they met, and even when they were trying to kill one another, it was hot AF. And that first kiss?! *fans self*"


    3. Buffy and Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    The WB

    "Of course there were problematic and even completely toxic issues along the way, but it was phenomenal to watch how they changed from being desperate to kill each other to sharing mutual respect and love. I'd say it transcended just traditional 'romantic' love: It was far deeper and more complex. Spike had one of the best character arcs on TV."

    Lauren Pulsford

    4. Danny and Mindy from The Mindy Project


    "I loved them because everything wasn't perfect when they eventually got together...they still had a lot of living and learning to do before their 'happy ever after.'"


    5. Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter from Hannibal

    Will asks Bedelia if Hannibal is in love with him, and she says yes

    "They never stop trying to kill each other, even in the end, despite the fact that they were in love with each other. The way they ended didn’t just break my heart, it threw it in a food processor and served it for dinner (ha ha, cannibalism jokes)."


    6. Max and Kyle from Living Single


    "They are two very different people and spent so much time tearing each other down...then building each other back up. A seriously underrated sitcom couple."


    "They mercilessly made fun of one another for years until they finally slept together and then actually did the couple thing. They still kept it interesting, too, which is rare for some shows that finally hook up two main characters. It’s a delicate procedure."


    7. Klaus and Caroline from The Vampire Diaries

    Klaus yells at Caroline not to turn her back on him, and she said she should've turned her back on him ages ago. A season later, they kiss
    The CW

    "They legit went from enemies to appreciating each other with love and respect. I’m forever bitter that they weren’t endgame."


    8. Logan and Veronica from Veronica Mars


    "You could see him slowly starting to fall for her. They went from toxic and horrible enemies to having a moment, and then they fell head over heels in love. They skipped the douchebag trope, and he flat out told everyone to get out of his life if they didn't approve of her. She was strong but let herself care about him — they dropped both their egos. It was the sweetest thing."


    "They are the absolute best. Seeing how awful they were to one another in the pilot, it's hard to believe they'd be dating by the end of the season, but it works! Their relationship is beautiful and heartwarming."


    9. Quinn and Logan from Zoey 101

    Logan puts Quinn's glasses back on her, then says 'Hey, there's Quinn' and kisses her

    "My inner preteen has to put Quinn Pensky and Logan Reese from Zoey 101 on this list. While we love Zoey and Chase, the unexpected chemistry and relationship between Quinn and Logan was awesome. I loved seeing these two bicker and banter in the early seasons and then learn to respect, cherish, and help each other as they grew older. I would love to know more about their relationship after the show ended!"


    10. Alvez and Garcia from Criminal Minds

    Garcia asks Alvarez out in the finale and she says yes

    "It was a very sweet ending for her after dealing with so much through the BAU."


    11. Blair and Dan from Gossip Girl

    Blair calls Humphrey a donut, then a season later they're kissing
    The CW

    "They encapsulated the enemies-to-lovers trope and should’ve been endgame. I will die on this hill."


    "Feel free to fight me. While people hated it, I was here for it."


    12. Mindy and Josh from Drake & Josh

    while arguing, Mindy says she likes Josh, and Josh says he likes her back and has for a while, but didn't realize because he hated her so much

    "Clearly it's Josh and Mindy from Drake & Josh! They were amazing!"


    13. Devi and Ben from Never Have I Ever


    "They're perfect together because they hated each other, then became acquaintances, then friends, and hopefully now more than just friends."


    "I was rooting for them since the first episode! I literally couldn’t take their tension, so I looked up whether they got together."


    14. Catra and Adora from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power


    "Yes, it’s technically for children. Do I care? No. I was so ready to get queerbaited the entire last season, but plot twist: THE CHARACTERS EVERYBODY SHIPPED ACTUALLY GOT TOGETHER!"


    "They were so well written, and their final moment was epic, incredible, and meaningful."


    15. The Professor and Raquel in Money Heist


    "He was literally the criminal she was assigned to take down, so they definitely started in 'enemy' territory. I've seen the trope a thousand times, but watching this show, I originally couldn't imagine the couple working out. Now I adore them! They are a power team!"


    16. Jellal and Erza from Fairy Tail

    TV Tokyo

    "Their story is probably one of the best-written love stories I have ever seen on TV or in any movie. He was pure evil and she was full of hope, yet strong enough to defeat him. I love them. They are too perfect for each other."

    Zarina Tolagayeva

    17. April and Sterling from Teenage Bounty Hunters


    "Even though they broke up in the last episode of Season 1, hopefully next season they get back together because they are so good as a couple!"


    18. Diane and Sam from Cheers

    Diane says she hates Sam and he disgusts her, then he asks if she's as turned on as him. She says she's more turned on than him, and then they kiss

    "This one goes all the way back to the 1980s, but Diane Chambers and Sam Malone on Cheers are the definition of this. Sam, a former pro baseball player who owned a bar, was crude and a bit of a ladies' man. Diane was a wealthy, pretentious snob who ended up working at the bar, and it was instant tension from the moment they meet. Over the course of time, that tension turned into romance, which created more tension as they pressured each other to change and failed. It was pure comedy gold!"


    19. Sam and Freddie from iCarly

    Sam tells Freddie to go ahead and humiliate her, but then he kisses her

    "Sam was always horrid to Freddie and making fun of him, and then, surprise, surprise, they fell in love! And then Carly got jealous, like she didn’t reject Freddie for years."


    20. Ava and Sara from Legends of Tomorrow

    Sara and Ava fight, then ten episodes later they kiss
    The CW

    "They couldn’t stand each other in the beginning, but their chemistry was evident as well."


    "Ava was literally in charge of hunting Sara and her team down, and now they are in a lovely relationship!"


    21. Enzo and Bonnie from The Vampire Diaries

    Bonnie attacking Enzo then kissing him in a later scene
    The CW

    "Bonnie and Enzo deserved better! 😭😭 They were my fave, and so perfect together!"


    22. Mickey and Ian from Shameless


    "They went from attempting to murder each other to getting married!"


    23. Ahn Min-hyuk and Do Bong-soon from Strong Girl: Do Bong-soon

    Minhyuk and Boon-soon kiss

    "This is the best K-drama. They started off hating each other but eventually grew to love each other, and damn if it wasn't the cutest thing I've ever seen!! Min-hyuk also always respected Bong-soon's strength and independence."


    24. And finally, Haley and Nathan from One Tree Hill

    Haley tells Nathan her instincts tell her he's full of shit, but then they get married
    The WB

    "They when from hating each other to being the best TV couple of all time!"


    "He only started hanging around Haley to piss Lucas off, and she only agreed to help him if he left Lucas alone. They ended up being the best couple on the show!"


    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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