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    21 TV Characters Who Had The Most Beautiful Story Arcs

    "I'm not the freaking savior of the universe! I'm just a girl from Arizona."

    There's nothing like a good character arc. Honestly, they're half the reason I watch any show. But which characters had the best character arcs of all time? See some of my favorites below!

    1. Buffy From Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    2. Zuko From Avatar: the Last Airbender

    3. Chidi From The Good Place

    4. Mona From Pretty Little Liars

    5. Alexis From Schitt's Creek

    6. Justin From 13 Reasons Why

    7. Bonnie Bennett from The Vampire Diaries

    8. Jin From Lost

    9. April From Parks and Recreation

    10. Sansa Stark From Game of Thrones

    11. Michael From The Good Place

    12. Walter White From Breaking Bad

    13. Brooke Davis From One Tree Hill

    14. Steve From Stranger Things

    15. Lydia Martin From Teen Wolf

    16. Nick Miller From New Girl

    17. Nathan Scott From One Tree Hill

    Haley says she doesn't want Nathan to lose his dream, but he says his dream is her

    18. Caroline Forbes From The Vampire Diaries

    19. Emma Swan From Once Upon a Time

    20. Eleanor Shellstrop From The Good Place

    Eleanor tells Michael "I’m not meant for this! I’m not the freaking savior of the universe. I’m just a girl from Arizona. That’s it. I’m just a normal girl from Arizona"

    21. And Finally, Arya Stark From Game of Thrones