Here's Every Time These "Spider-Man: No Way Home" Stars Avoided Questions About The Movie

    Learning to lie as a Marvel actor is an artful skill.


    Peter and MJ in No Way Home

    Okay. SO, we all know that Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire reprised their roles as Spider-Man and, well, Spider-Man in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

    Though their appearances have been heavily rumored, Garfield and Maguire have been denying their involvement in the film for AGES — in particular, Garfield, who seems to have dealt with the question far more than Maguire.

    man was denying his own existence at some point

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    Garfield has done a lot more press (for other movies) in the last couple years and is the most recent Spider-Man before Tom Holland, so this makes sense.

    Now, Andrew Garfield is a great actor, and he's had challenging roles before — but none, imo, as challenging as this one. Here is every time Garfield has played the part of "Guy Who Definitely Isn't In Spider-Man: No Way Home" to perfection.

    Andrew Garfield

    1. When he was on the Today show:

    interviewers tell Andrew to confess he's in it, and Andrew says they're good at their job but he's better, then says he's not in the film and is excited to see what they do with it

    2. In an interview with Extra on the red carpet:

    interviewer tells Andrew to blink once if he's in no way home, and Andrew says he won't blink and he's excited to see what they do with the third installment

    3. In an interview with Josh Horowitz on Happy Sad Confused:

    Andrew says he didn't get a call about the movie, and that he feels like he's in a game of Werewolf/Mafia, where you have to convince everyone you're not the werewolf/in the mafia

    4. And in another interview with Josh Horowitz:

    Andrew says he thinks it's hilarious and great that so many people care about his Spider-Man, and then says he's excited to see what they do in no way home

    5. In an Access Hollywood interview:

    interviewer asks Andrew about the no way home rumors and he says it's a cool idea, and that he hates disappointing people, and would never say never, but that he's not in the film

    6. In an interview with Wired:

    Andrew reads a google question asking if he's playing spider-man again, and says he's not

    7. In his appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon:

    Jimmy tells Andrew there's a photo of him and Tobey on set of No Way Home, and Andrew says he's not sure about that, then later says he heard about it and saw it but it was photoshopped

    8. In an interview with GQ:

    Tobey reads a comment about the tonight show interview saying jimmy should've asked him about the leaked video by saying everyone will find out if he's in it when the movie airs, and that he's sorry in advance

    9. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight:

    10. And in another Entertainment Tonight interview:

    Andrew repeats the interviewer's question to clarify, asking how he would feel if hypothetically he were in the new Spider-Man, then says it's too big for him to answer and he'd have to know what the story was

    11. In an interview with Newsweek:

    interviewer asks what Andrew thinks of the Spider-Man speculation and Andrew says it's going to be very disappointing for people

    12. (Very subtly) In his appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show:

    Andrew says "I didn't do another 'Spider-Man' movie; you're right"

    13. And finally, let's end with the one time we can find Tobey Maguire denying it*:

    This seems to be the only time he gave any sort of response, besides a fan claiming that he winked at the question.

    In conclusion: