35 Photos From The American Healthcare System That Prove We're Living In A Dystopia

    They will literally charge you for holding your own newborn.

    We all know the American healthcare system is seriously messed up. The cost of both routine and lifesaving care is exorbitant, to the point where people aren't seeking healthcare when they need it.

    Person getting blood pressure taken

    But in case you're not American and you're curious just how bad it is, check out these photos below.

    1. This person was charged over $800 just to be told their son was dead when he arrived at the hospital.

    Tweet: "I honest-to-god got a bill for the EMTs telling me my son was dead. this is just among the zillion goddamn reasons we need universal healthcare" with a bill for $859

    2. This person was charged for crying over their health condition.

    My little sister has been really struggling with a health condition lately and finally got to see a doctor. They charged her $40 for crying.

    Twitter: @OffbeatLook

    3. This person was charged $40 to hold their own child after giving birth.

    Tweet: "I know it's cliche to say so, but this hospital charging patients $39.95 to hold their newborn baby is a REALLY tight microcosm of capitalism" with a bill with a $39.35 charge for "Skin to skin after C-section"

    4. This person was billed for having their deceased husband's organs donated.

    @lawyermama41 A friend of ours was killed in a motorcycle accident. Head injury. They asked to harvest his organs within hours of his arriving at the hospital which his wife agreed to. Then they sent her a $60,000 bill for the time they kept him “alive” and for the procedure.

    Twitter: @fawnserene

    5. This person was denied a heart transplant because they wouldn't be able to afford the $10,000 medication after.

    6. This veteran’s prosthetic legs were literally repossessed.

    7. This person was charged over $1 million to have twins.

    8. This bill might have been high, but the hospital was nice enough to set up a "reasonable" payment plan of over $16,000 a month.

    9. This person lost 20 years of savings — even with insurance — because their wife had cancer.

    10. This hospital reminded staff to charge for pillows.

    11. This completely standard birth — that didn't even involve an epidural or anesthesia — cost over $50,000.

    Tweet: "healthy pregnant lady? check; standard vaginal delivery? check; no epidural/anesthetics? check; healthy baby - no extra tests, procedures, etc? check; 48 hours in mt sinai? cost billed to mom: $27k; cost billed to baby: $27k absurd"

    12. This person's birth cost $610,000.

    13. This person was double-charged for ultrasounds because they were having twins.

    Hi. Every time I have an ultrasound I get charged twice because there are two fetuses. Happy Wednesday!

    Twitter: @mrs_g_rider

    14. This person was denied lifesaving medical care by their insurance because they were "over" the limit.

    15. In case you didn't know, the inventors of insulin sold the patent for $1 because they wanted everyone who needed it to be able to afford it. But let's just forget that, 'cause it's more profitable to mark up the prices, since people will keep buying it because they literally NEED IT TO SURVIVE.

    16. The inventors of insulin would be horrified at stories like this.

    17. This person was charged over $10,000 — AFTER insurance — for a three-hour ER visit that involved 10 minutes with a doctor.

    18. This person was charged $16,000 for an overnight visit. Their payment plan was 60 MONTHS long — aka five years.

    19. This person was charged almost $48,000 for a broken leg.

    20. This person was charged almost $3,000 for what sounds like a 48-hour hold in a mental hospital.

    Tweet: "What I owe the hospital I went to because I was suicidal; this is just to stay in a room for two days; people wonder why we don't seek help" and a bill for $2,983

    21. And this person was charged almost as much, and it doesn't even sound as if they stayed for two days.

    22. Under this person's insurance plan, they still had to pay over $50,000 for a two-week stay in a psychiatric hospital.

    23. But let's say you needed other medical care and not just psychological — that's almost $100,000.

    24. Good to know it costs over $150,000 to be bitten by a snake.

    Tweet: "My bill after getting bit by a snake" with a bill for $153,161

    25. And it only costs a little less than that to have a heart attack.

    26. And it costs almost $14,000 just to receive shots after being bitten by a raccoon.

    27. This person was charged $1,700 for a few blood tests to see if they had a concussion (they did not) — AFTER insurance.

    28. This hospital was offering discounts for the holidays as if it was some kind of department store.

    29. This person was charged $426 for a spray that costs $8.

    30. And this hospital was charging $10 per cough drop.

    31. This nurse had a patient essentially escape death and then worry about how they were going to pay for it.