If You're Bored, Look No Further Than These 20 Time-Wasting Websites

    These visual and auditory distractions might help take your mind off some of the anxiety you're feeling.

    Feeling anxious? SAME.

    1. This is Sand

    2. Silk Weaving

    3. Build a Galaxy

    4. A Soft Murmur

    5. Tendrils

    6. Play Piano

    7. Tone Matrix

    8. Song Maker

    9. LiveCam

    10. Tetris

    11. Liquid Particles

    12. IntoTime

    13. Imagination

    14. Incredibox

    15. Akinator

    16. Pop Bubble Wrap

    17. Quick Draw

    18. SketchPad

    19. The Useless Web

    20. And finally, the Oddly Satisfying subreddit, which provides pictures that make you feel like at least some things are right in the world.

    This time is affecting all of our mental health, and I urge you to be kind to each other and yourself in this trying time. These websites might be silly, but sometimes a little distraction can help!