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    19 Tumblr Posts With Responses Even Better Than The Original Post

    In these trying times, we could all use a laugh.

    1. When this person hilariously roasted men:

    2. When this person pointed out a simple mistake:

    3. When this person gave a well-researched answer to a thought-provoking conundrum:

    4. When this person really didn't want to help:

    5. When these people couldn't leave the OP alone:

    6. When this person took the opportunity to point out the chaotic absurdity of our existence:

    7. When someone called out the OP:

    8. When this person exposed someone who responded to their post:

    9. When someone found the perfect caption for this photo:

    10. When these people put themselves in the shoes of scientists:

    11. When this person pointed out the one exception to the rule:

    12. When this person pointed out that the OP had just encountered a Scooby-Doo character:

    13. When this person made a serious post eight times better:

    14. When this person was afraid of nerds:

    15. When this person pointed out something troubling in the OP's texts and then was promptly shut down:

    16. When these people had the perfect answers for the OP:

    17. When this response was especially valid:

    18. When this person exposed millennials' biggest fear:

    19. When this responder was a bit...confused: