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    17 Times Female Action Stars Were Put In Ridiculously Unrealistic Outfits

    AKA, 17 times I stared at the screen and went, "Really??"

    Hi, my name is Hannah, and I love seeing badass ladies in film.


    Every time I see a woman kicking some ass onscreen, it makes me want to start jiu-jitsu or something since I have the upper body strength of an overcooked noodle.

    But I have a *bit* of a problem with the way female action stars are styled...especially in these 17 examples below:

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    Don't get me wrong, ladies can wear whatever they want while kicking ass!! But in these examples it's so obvious that the outfits were designed with the male gaze in mind and not, you know...practicality. Whereas the outfits of male action stars (think James Bond, Batman, Iron Man, the Terminator) are often much less gratuitous.

    1. Catwoman from Batman Returns

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    This might be the worst offender. Even without knowing what it took to get Michelle Pfieffer in this costume, you can see how tight it is. Imagine how hard it would be to get on and off!! Why would she go to the trouble??

    2. Diana from Wonder Woman

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    I loved Wonder Woman, but I was not thrilled with the outfits the Amazons wore. Diana's costume looked like armor, which would be helpful except that it barely covered any of her body. Strapless tops are infamously hard to keep up. And wasn't she cold??

    3. Padmé from Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones


    The original outfit was fine, but I was so mad when it somehow managed to rip into a more sexualized costume. A) Padmé was so young, and B) what are the chances her outfit would've actually ripped this way? Unnecessary.

    4. Patience from Catwoman

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    This was only *slightly* better than the preceding Catwoman costume. It allowed more freedom, but...has anyone tried to wear an underwire bra while exercising? Not only would it be painful, but her boobs would DEFINITELY fly out mid-fight. Also, why have so much skin exposed to danger?? Batman wasn't in this movie, but if we look at literally any depiction of him, let's just say there's a bit of a double standard there.

    5. Mother Russia in Kick-Ass 2


    I highly doubt a KGB-trained fighter would choose to wear this bra. As anyone who has tried to buy a cute sports bra knows, triangle style bras just do not offer the proper support. Plus, this kind of looks like a push-up bra, which means it's got padding. AKA, less room for her boobs, AKA, a higher likelihood for them to POP OUT. Also, what's the point of wearing arm guards and then having stuff like her stomach exposed to attack?

    6. Night Bitch from Kick-Ass 2


    Have you ever tried to play beach sports in a bikini top? Not easy, my friends. Not easy. So can you imagine fighting in one?? Boobs would be a-flying! Also, what is it with superheroes and tight leather pants?? They are not comfortable or practical! Remember that episode of Friends??

    7. Babydoll, Rocket, and Sweat Pea from Sucker Punch

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    I know this was all a dream/distorted reality or whatever, but still. THEY WERE IN HEELS. This film was so clearly made by a guy. Next!

    8. Laurie from Watchmen

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    I feel like female superheroes are usually given high pleather boots and gloves to make up for the fact that they have so much of their skin showing, but high boots are just not practical for crime-fighting. And at that point, wouldn't they just wear pants? Think of the chafing!

    9. Sally from Watchmen

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    This was definitely a dance costume. There did not seem to be anything protective or supportive about it. It looks way too flimsy for crime-fighting to me!

    10. Elektra from Elektra

    20th Century Fox

    Again, clearly written by a man. No woman would choose a literal lingerie corset to fight in. That kind of wire hurts even if you're just lounging around.

    11. Mystique from X-Men: First Class

    20th Century Fox

    There were so many gratuitous shots of her essentially naked (in the preceding films as well). Her costume from the comics was definitely skimpy, but at least she was usually clothed. There's a reason people don't exercise naked (besides, you know, other people usually being there). My girl Mystique had 0 support. ZERO. You kind of need support when you're SAVING THE WORLD.

    12. Christie and Helena in DOA: Dead or Alive

    Dimension Films

    There is a reason women who play water sports don't wear string bikinis. BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT PRACTICAL. The shots in this movie are also just...ugh. And we've been over the boob-flying that would happen with bikinis.

    13. Tina in DOA: Dead or Alive

    Dimension Films

    I don't know about you, but a Canadian tuxedo would not be my first choice to fight in. At least this one wasn't overly sexualized, although she was in full hair and makeup.

    14. Alice in Resident Evil

    Pathé Distribution

    I can't even sleep in a slip dress without waking up with it half off. How did she fight in this?

    15. Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    Harley's outfit in most of the comics was a Jester-like costume that covered her whole body. I know they took some liberties with this version of Harley, but I can't help but feel that sequin underwear was maybe a step too far. I preferred the Birds of Prey version of Harley, which fit with her character of being flashy but didn't feel entirely designed in order to get men to see the movie.

    16. Letty and Kara in Furious 7

    Universal Pictures

    Obviously these characters didn't specifically choose these outfits for a fight scene. But...formalwear fight scenes stress me out, especially involving women. Mostly because Letty was clearly not wearing a bra (she couldn't in that dress). Did the costume department really have to make it backless?

    17. And finally, Natasha from Iron Man 2


    I'm leaving this one for last since Marvel actually did a pretty good job with Natasha's outfits. But her hair in Iron Man 2 drove me crazy!! It was ALL in her face!! There was no way she could see. Personally I don't think it fit Natasha's character that it was down and all done up. I thought it fit much better with practicality and her character when it was shorter, and in Endgame when it was braided.

    Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments!