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What Are The Best Things To Eat In Your College Dining Hall?

Raise your hand if your favorite subject is lunch.

Dining hall food gets a bad rap.

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But these days, some dining halls look more like extravagant Las Vegas buffets than college cafeterias.

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So we want to know — what does food at your college campus look like?

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Maybe your college dining hall has a made-to-order stir-fry station you've become addicted to.

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Or it offers avocado toast for breakfast.

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Or maybe your college campus has a build-your-own burger bar with some epic selections.

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Maybe all of the produce at your salad bar is organic, super fresh, and sourced from local farms.

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Or perhaps you can choose from 12 different frozen yogurt flavors on any given night. And ooh, all those toppings.

We want to hear from you! Tell us where you go to school, and all about your amazing college dining options. If you have photos, upload them in the dropbox below. The best responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!