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Why Don't People Get That Fruits And Vegetables Shouldn't Mix In Salads?

Get these fruits out of my goddamn salad.

Hi. Here is a picture of a salad:

Ezumeimages / Getty Images / Via

Fresh, crunchy lettuce, along with ripe tomatoes, juicy onions, shredded carrot, and a creamy, savory dressing. This is a perfectly acceptable garden salad.

And here, a delicious-looking fruit salad:

Picalotta / Getty Images / Via

Don't you feel magically refreshed just looking at this colorful bowl?

This, however, is NOT a salad:

Sarsmis / Getty Images / Via

Someone please tell me what these berries are doing on my bed of lettuce!?!

Allow me to explain: Fruits and salads DO NOT MIX, people. Vegetables are savory. Fruits are sweet. It is weird and unpleasant and sketchy to mix them in one bowl with salad dressing.


BTW: For the point of this exercise, tomatoes and avocados will be considered vegetables and not fruits, because we all know that they are basically veggies, despite their official scientific classifications.

For reference, I've gathered some salads that should not exist in the world.


This one:

Instagram: kimmydc79 / Via Instagram: @kimmydc79

Hey, kiwi, GTFO.

And this one:

Instagram: annaluv2bakes / Via Instagram: @annaluv2bakes

These blueberries are pretending to be olives. You will not fool me.

Look away, people:

I thought I trusted you, watermelon.

This sheer ~horror~:

Oh god. Not you, too, nectarines.

Avert your eyes:

Instagram: feamakeupfitness / Via Instagram: @feamakeupfitness


And finally:

Instagram: _eatrip / Via Instagram: @_eatrip

This is a prank, right?

That is all.

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