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    27 Genius Trader Joe's Food Hacks You Basically Needed Yesterday

    These little tricks will instantly upgrade your home-cooked meals.

    Cooking at home can feel like a real chore, but with a few smart tips and tricks in your arsenal, you can throw together gourmet meals in no time. Here are a bunch of Trader Joe's dinner hacks for turning basic ingredients into recipes that taste seriously fancy.

    1. Turn gyro slices and pita pockets into a fancy Middle-Eastern inspired meal.

    2. Start with frozen breaded chicken breasts, add a slice of mozzarella, wrap it in prosciutto, and pop it into the oven.

    3. Or combine cauliflower fried rice and frozen shrimp for a low-carb version of classic Chinese fried rice.

    4. Make four-ingredient chicken and broccoli pasta with alfredo sauce.

    5. Bulk up frozen paella with T.J's seafood blend.

    6. Toss a Caesar salad kit and grilled chicken strips into garlic naan for an above-average lunch.

    7. Simmer T.J's five-spice chicken and Asian noodle style salad in a carton of miso ginger broth for a two-ingredient soup worth making on repeat.

    8. Or make a killer three-ingredient shakshuka with frozen shakshuka starter, eggs, and tahini.

    9. Or turn basic chicken soup into something heartier and more comforting with packaged gnocchi, heavy cream, and kale.

    10. Whip up shrimp and grits in a hurry with just four simple ingredients.

    11. Toss sweet potato gnocchi and frozen meatballs for a satisfying Italian feast.

    12. Use frozen spinach and artichoke dip with your favorite noodles as a super indulgent pasta sauce.

    13. Make wonton soup at home using vegetable or chicken broth and frozen gyoza.

    14. Or jazz up tomato and roasted red pepper soup with the help of gnocchi and spinach.

    15. Add broccoli to T.J's frozen Mandarin chicken, then serve it with fried rice for a meal that rivals your favorite take-out.

    16. Turn battered fish nuggets, tortillas, and slaw into easy Baja-style tacos.

    17. Or do taco night with the help of pre-cooked carnitas.

    18. Combine frozen mac 'n' cheese with turkey bolognese for a take on chili mac.

    19. Turn four ingredients — cauliflower crust, marinara sauce, shredded cheese, and prosciutto — into an impressive homemade pizza.

    20. Combine cauliflower gnocchi, pesto, and cherry tomatoes to make a filling dinner.

    21. Serve Korean-style short ribs over shredded cabbage for an Asian-inspired recipe the whole family will love.

    22. Dress up any roasted vegetables from broccoli to Brussels sprouts with a spoonful of chili onion crunch.

    23. Or take a miso vegetables and soba noodles kit and stir-fry it with frozen shrimp or salmon.

    24. Toss chicken sausage and Trader Joe's ravioli in a skillet with whatever veggies you have on hand.

    25. Toss cheese-filled tortellini with vodka sauce and shredded cheese for easy one-pot pasta alla vodka.

    26. Heat up frozen tandoori naan and tikka masala for a restaurant-quality Indian dinner.

    27. Upgrade T.J's instant miso or chicken ramen cups with the help of some sautéed tofu and mushrooms.