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    Tommy John Trunks Might Be The Most Comfortable Underwear You'll Ever Wear

    You haven't worn comfortable underwear until you've tried Tommy Johns.

    This is Zack, my wonderful husband. Zack almost never splurges on clothing or accessories. In fact, it took me about four years to convince him to throw out his high school camouflage backpack and exchange it for a big boy bag. However, Zack does splurge on these Tommy John "Second Skin" Trunks ($32 at Nordstrom).

    But one day, one of Zack's buddies told him that he just bought a pair of Tommy Johns, and his life would never be the same. It was a big statement, so Zack felt compelled to try them.

    Zack's reaction upon finding the Tommy John "Second Skin" Trunks on was "what the hell? Who spends $30 on underwear?!" I, being the one who has a much easier time spending, convinced him to buy a single pair. Suffice to say, Zack now always spends $30 on underwear.

    The main thing that separates Tommy John underwear from the competition is the so-called "quick draw fly," aka horizontal opening in the crotch. I can't relate to this convenience, but apparently if you wear boxers or briefs, it's a game-changer. Must be nice!

    Secondly, Zack explained, the Tommy Johns are breatheable, lightweight and fit to your body so seamlessly that you practically forget you're wearing underwear at all. (Imagine: No wedgies, ever!!!) They don't ride up, and the waistband feels non-existent. They are comfortable whether you're working out or sitting at a desk.

    Finally, they are made to last. Thirty dollars might sound like a big investment for something you can buy so cheaply as underwear, but Zack has had his same Tommy John trunks for years now. The material has stayed in the same soft and stretchy condition as they day he bought them.

    Today, all the men in my family (my 65-year-old father included) have jumped on board the Tommy John train, and I don't think they'll be disembarking any time soon.

    Zack, I hope you'll forgive me for this article. And everyone else, you can buy Tommy John "Second Skin" Trunks from Nordstrom for $32 (available in sizes S-XXL and four colors).

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