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    Updated on Dec 26, 2019. Posted on Dec 24, 2019

    18 Presents All '90s Kids Definitely Begged Their Parents For

    From Tamagotchis to Juicy Tubes.

    If you grew up in the '90s, chances are most of these throwback toys and gadgets were on your Christmas list. Cue all the nostalgia.

    1. American Girl Doll

    2. A Now That's What I Call Music CD

    Universal/Sony Music / Via

    You totally blasted KC and Jojo and the Backstreet Boys from your mom's minivan on the way to soccer practice.

    3. The Sims

    EA Games / Amazon

    Now if only the rosebud cheat worked in real life.

    4. A Tamagotchi digital pet

    5. Baby G Watch

    Cassio/Ebay / Via

    Of course you were sitting at the cool table with one of these Casio watches.

    6. Juicy Tubes lip gloss

    7. Motorola RAZR

    8. Beanie Babies

    9. Furbies

    10. An Original iPod

    11. Nintendo Games

    12. Lite Brite

    13. Inflatable Furniture


    You probably knew someone whose playroom was full of these neon bubble couches.

    14. Poly Pockets

    15. Lisa Frank Coloring Books


    From unicorns and kitties to pandas and puppy dogs, these coloring books immediately take us back to the '90s.

    16. Gelly Roll Pens

    17. Bop It


    Before beer pong, it was the OG party game.

    18. Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Cards

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