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    Here Are The 27 Most Popular Restaurants For Late Night Eating In America

    Munchies, anyone?

    Everyone loves good late night food, but what are the most popular after-midnight munchies around the country?


    GrubHub combed through lots of data — specifically the number of late-night orders and the user ratings for thousands of restaurants — to put together a list of the most popular late night delivery food in 24 major cities across the U.S.

    1. Atlanta, Georgia: Su's Chinese Cuisine

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    Most popular order: Potstickers

    2. Austin, Texas: Chile Con Queso & Chips from Chuy's

    3. Boston, Massachusetts: Teriyaki House

    Florann E. via Yelp / Via

    Most popular order: Crab Rangoon

    4. Charlotte, North Carolina: GINBU 401

    5. Chicago, Illinois: Irazu

    Irazu Costa Rican Restaurant via Yelp / Via

    Most popular order: Pepito sandwich

    6. Cleveland, Ohio: Thai Elephant

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    Most popular order: Thai spring rolls

    7. Denver, Colorado: Thai Basil

    Brenda L. via Yelp / Via

    Most popular order: Pad Thai

    8. Detroit, Michigan: Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken

    9. Houston, Texas: Simply Pho

    10. Las Vegas, Nevada: The Great Greek

    The Great Greek via Yelp / Via

    Most popular order: Greek gyro

    11. Los Angeles, California: Veggie Grill

    12. Miami, Florida: Mister O1 - Brickell

    13. Minneapolis, Minnesota: Dulono's Pizza

    14. Nashville, Tennessee: Beijing Chinese

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    Most popular order: Egg roll

    15. New Orleans, Louisiana: Pyramids Cafe

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    Most popular order: Shawarma

    16. New York City, New York: Soho Sushi

    17. Orlando, Florida: Bento Asian Kitchen & Sushi

    18. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Oregon Steaks

    19. Phoenix, Arizona: Corleone's 16th Street

    20. Portland, Oregon: Muchas Gracias Mexican

    Scott F. via Yelp / Via

    Most popular order: Chimichanga

    21. San Diego, California: Sand Box Pizza

    22. San Francisco, California: Newa

    23. Seattle, Washington: Thai Thani Ballard

    24. St. Louis, Missouri: Smoking Barrels BBQ

    Jessyca M./Yelp / Via

    Most popular order: Ribs dinner