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    Updated on Nov 26, 2019. Posted on Oct 27, 2019

    21 Photos That Prove Tokyo Is Literally Living In The Year 3000

    Conveyor belt sushi! Robot shows! Singing toilets!

    1. There are robot shows:

    2. And restaurants where you order sushi on a touchscreen computer:

    3. Which then arrives where you're sitting via conveyor belt:

    4. Not into sushi? You can have your curry delivered to your seat by toy train:

    5. Trains look sort of like bottlenose dolphins and travel 200 mph:

    6. The toilets heat your seat and play you music:

    7. The photo booths are next-level:

    8. The cafés have a unique clientele...:

    9. You can order ramen from a vending machine:

    Let's just see that one more time...:

    10. There are micro hotels with tiny sleeping capsules:

    11. There are melons that cost over $100:

    12. The subways are so clean you can basically eat off the floor:

    13. Convenience store food looks like this:

    14. And this:

    15. And dessert looks like this:

    16. And this:

    17. And train food looks like this:

    18. Oh, and we have to mention baseball stadium food:

    19. There are restaurants where you can fish for your dinner:

    20. Museums look like this:

    21. Aaaaand let's take one last look at ramen vending machines: