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    20 Affordable Products Every Pet (and Pet Owner) Needs

    All under $20!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Kong toy that will keep your pup busy for hours. I don't feel bad leaving my puppy home alone when I go to work because I know he's thoroughly entertained with the Kong.

    Amazon / Via, @kongcompany / Via

    Promising review: "The invention of the Kong is maybe one of my favorites (second to air-conditioning), and I know my dog agrees... He gets SO excited when he sees a Kong come out of the freezer that he runs full speed into his kennel and waits for me. The Kong keeps him occupied for HOURS... A stuffed Kong can prevent so many behavioral issues like destructive chewing or excessive vocalization from boredom or anxiety. Also, Kongs are without a doubt the most durable toy on the market. They last ages and ages." —K. Kelley

    Read the full review here.

    Available in XS–2XL. Get it on Amazon or on Chewy for $4.39+.

    2. A set of super-durable and bouncy Chuckit! balls that'll make playing fetch more fun.

    Amazon / Via

    Promising review: "The ball is lightweight, unlike other indestructible balls that are often of heavier weight. The ball is orange and easy to locate in the grass, and it has a lot of bounce to it. It floats in water, and best of all, it has stood up to the teeth of a dog that seems more focused on destroying the ball than actually playing with it." —The Flying Penguin

    Get it from Amazon (available in S–2XL and one- and two-packs) for $4.95+ or Chewy (available in small and medium two-packs) for $7.95.

    3. An indestructible Tuffy dog toy that even the most aggressive chewers won't be able to tear apart.

    Amazon / Via

    Promising review: "I have an 8-month-old puppy who is a VERY heavy chewer. These Tuffy Gear Rings are the only plush toy that last longer than a week in our house. As a matter of fact, the original one we bought her, which is a little too small for her now, is still in very good shape and miraculously still has the stuffing intact. HIGHLY recommend these rings for heavy chewers!" —Dena Towning

    Available in four colors. Get it from Amazon for $16.70 or on Chewy for $13.36.

    4. A comfy mesh harness that will prevent your doggo from pulling when you take him on walks. It's machine-washable and adjustable, so it'll fit your puppy as they grow to full size.

    Amazon / Via, @hudson_the_cavapoo via Instagram / Via Instagram: @hudson_the_cavapoo

    Read the full review here.

    Available in XS–XXL in 12 colors. Get it from Amazon for $12.58 or Chewy for $13.99.

    5. A collapsable bowl so you can give your dog food or water on the go.

    Amazon / Via

    Promising review: "We bought these to use in our camper for our two small dogs (Chihuahua and mini pinscher). Our camper is small, so space is at a premium. I have been trying to buy as many collapsible and space saving items as possible and these bowls were perfect. When needed, just pop them open and fill them up and we have two well-hydrated happy dogs! When leaving the campsite, we dry them out and fold them down and stow them away as they take up very little room! Great item!" —MB4

    Get a set of two on Amazon for $5.99.

    6. A bag of SmartBones dog treats to show your pup that he's been a very good boy.

    Amazon / Via, @smartbonechews via Instagram / Via

    Promising review: "We have been getting these for quite some time for our black lab. He eats rawhide too quickly and ends up regurgitating it all over the floor. So, on the advice of our vet, we tried something else. We tried these after many other products. These are gone as quickly as rawhide (with my dog, that's 10 minutes...TOPS!), but he doesn't have the digestive issues. The fact that they chew up similar to rawhide is a big plus, since I don't like it when he can't finish it in one sitting — that's just a yucky mess lying around on the floor.

    I highly recommend these SmartBones for anyone whose dog can't digest rawhide well." —danaz

    Read the full review here.

    Available in peanut butter, sweet potato, and chicken flavors and various sizes. Get them from Amazon for $5.69+ or Chewy for $3.49.

    7. A pack of Douxo pads, which wipe away bacteria that might be irritating your pup. Use them daily anywhere you notice redness or irritation on your dog to relieve skin allergies.

    Amazon / Via

    Promising review: "My dog has really sensitive skin and is prone to getting hot spots especially in the warmer months. I've used a lot of other topical treatments including, shampoos, rinses, creams, and even tried multiple dietary supplements, etc., and nothing works better than these pads." —JY

    Read the full review here.

    Get them from Amazon or Jet for $10.

    8. A bag of Greenies pill pockets that make getting your dog to take medicine less of a struggle.

    Amazon / Via

    Promising review: "My dog LOVES these pill pockets. She gobbles them right up and after almost a year still has no clue there's a pill in there. They are large enough that I divide them into two pieces and actually get two doses out of each pill pocket." —Jessica N.

    Available in chicken and hickory smoke. Get them from Amazon for $15.54 or Petco for $16.99+.

    9. A stylish, reversible, and waterproof jacket that'll keep your dog warm all winter.

    Amazon / Via

    Promising reviews: "This is an excellent product! Quality materials and easy to put on your dog. I'm so happy my pup won't be cold this winter. Fast shipping too!"—SA

    "Love this coat!! Waterproof, windproof, and easy to get on — what more can you ask for!! The Velcro on both sides & neck make it easy to get on without getting into a wrestling match."—Sarah

    Available in XS–3XL in four colors. Get it from Amazon for $13.99+.

    10. A pack of long-lasting, healthy, and fully digestible Himalayan yak cheese dog chews.

    Amazon / Via

    Promising review: "Our dog loves these more than any other treat we give her — in fact, she tries to bury them and save them for later because she loves them so much! We found our bag to have very generously sized pieces — a great deal compared to a lot of other companies' chews." —Will/Natalie

    Get then from Amazon for $14.99.

    11. A Hide-A-Squirrel squeaky dog toy that is as entertaining as it is adorable.

    Amazon / Via

    Promising review: "My little dog LOVES to dig out the squirrels from this. I keep stuffing them in and he digs pulls them out. All. Day. Long. He's obsessed with it. I bought it months ago and he still plays with the little squirrels." —Pen Name

    Get it from Amazon or on Chewy for $17.

    12. A bag of True Chews chicken jerky treats that your pup will do any trick for.


    Get them from Chewy or Petco for $19.99.

    13. A super-comfy (and machine-washable) pet bed your pup won't want to leave.

    Amazon / Via

    Promising review: "Since I brought my dog this bed he can't get enough of it. He loves it so much sometimes he doesn't even bother to follow me to other rooms in the house anymore, he just stays on his bed!" —Shantell Harmon

    Available in medium and large in seven colors. Get it from Amazon for $19.54.

    14. A bag of Greenies dental dog treats so your pooch will eat his way to better breath and healthier teeth.


    Promising review: "My dog LOVES these treats. he even opens up the closet where I keep them and carries the bag around in his mouth to remind me to give him one!" —Karen Klein

    Available in teenie through large in fresh and blueberry flavors. Get them from Amazon for $9.04+ or Jet for $8.99+.

    15. A tin of Musher's Secret protective wax that'll keep your little guy's paws safe from hot pavement, snow, or ice salt.

    Amazon / Via

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this product. My seven year old pit mix has issues with her paws in the winter. She hates wearing shoes, socks, and everything under the sun that I tried. I finally went online for a paw protector....It worked like a dream. The snow and ice melt drops off her pads, and most of the time her paws don't even pick up the ice melt crystals. I highly recommend this product." —Vanessa Jones

    Get it from Amazon for $12.25 or Jet for $12.83.

    16. A tube of chicken-flavored toothpaste to keep your doggo's teeth nice and clean.

    Amazon / Via

    Promising review: "My dog's favorite toothpaste! Every night he comes upstairs to have his teeth brushed and won't go to bed until this demand is met. He only likes this brand. Funny boy!" —FeFe

    Get it from Amazon or on Chewy for $7.10.

    17. A durable Nylabone dog chew that will make your puppy's teething period suck less.

    Amazon / Via

    Promising review: "My golden's favorite chew toy. The shape allows her to hold it and really chew with her back teeth. Very satisfying for her. Great price. Have also purchased for a gift for a friend's pup." —JanLayMay

    Get it from Amazon for $6.65 or Jet for $6.88.

    18. A professional-strength stain and odor remover that'll help you keep your sanity while housebreaking your pupper.

    Promising review: "This product is amazing. The price was a little high, but after seeing the results I am happy to pay it. After the first application the stain was almost gone, but after the second it was completely gone. It's like it was never there. Since then I have used it all through my home and am so happy with the results." —fun

    Get it from Amazon for $19.97.

    19. A dog shampoo that'll make your little guy's fur smell amazing and feel silky smooth. I wash my dog once a week with Buddy Wash, and TBH his shampoo smells better than mine.

    Chewy / Via

    Read the full review here.

    Get it from Chewy for $5.09 or Jet for $7.19.

    20. The Furminator, a de-shedding brush to keep your pup's fur from taking over the entire house.


    Promising review: "I have a husky, so shedding is epic in our household. When it is time for brushing it usually would be a huge ordeal of getting her to stop complaining and sit still while I spent easily two hours tackling her undercoat. This thing fixed it! Gets a lot of fur out no matter the area and does it quickly." —Brianna Shafer

    Available in XS–giant, for long and short hair. Get it from Amazon for $10+ or from Chewy for $13.93+.

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    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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