16 Pieces Of Really Good Parenting Advice That Have Actually Helped Me Become A Better Mom

    "At first, this advice may seem silly to say out loud, but it's a great reminder."

    Hi, I'm Hannah, and I have a nine-month-old daughter named Ellie. While I feel like at this point I've been doing this whole parenting thing for a while, I'm still a relatively new mom.

    Woman kissing baby on forehead, both in warm attire, outdoors with blurred trees and buildings in background

    Since telling people that I was pregnant, I've received endless advice on how to raise a child. If you're a parent, I'm sure you can relate! Much of the advice I've gotten has been straight-up annoying or total garbage. But I've also received some words of wisdom that have really spoken to me and helped me become a better mom. So here is some of the best advice I've come across so far in the first almost-year of parenthood.

    Toddler walking with adult's support, expressing joy, outdoors in a park setting

    1. Stay calm, because your baby can read you like a book.

    Parent gently kissing their sleeping infant's head

    2. When things get tough, remind yourself that you'll miss these days.

    A smiling infant wrapped in a floral blanket looks at an adult whose back is to the camera

    3. Every baby and mother is different, so don't compare your baby (or yourself!) to others.

    Baby climbing onto adult's knee, looking up at the camera, alphabet blocks scattered around on the floor

    4. When people offer you help, take it.

    Person loading a dishwasher with plates and utensils

    5. Don't buy a ton of baby gear in advance.

    An open wardrobe filled with various children's clothes neatly hanging

    6. Fed is best!!!

    An infant is being fed from a bottle by an adult whose hands are visible

    7. Birth probably won't go according to your plan, and that is OK.

    Adult and child lying close, the child touches the adult's bare pregnant belly

    8. Give yourself grace.

    A cheese pizza with one slice partly removed, with hand holding the slice

    9. You don't need all the fancy, new, high-tech baby products.

    Toddler holding toys with smiling woman seated in the background

    10. Always pack multiple changes of clothes.

    Adult's hands gently holding a baby's bare feet, with baby lying on a patterned surface

    11. Never ignore your intuition as a parent.

    Parent smiling down at their baby who is lying down and looking back

    12. Don't be afraid of your baby crying in public.

    Baby crying in a shopping cart at a grocery store

    13. Keep telling yourself that everything is just a phase.

    Toddler grimacing while being fed with a spoon by an adult's hand, seated in a high chair

    14. Recognize that you will sleep again. Some day, they go to college.

    Mother sits cradling and looking at her baby in a warm indoor setting

    15. Remind yourself that by the time your kid goes to Kindergarten, he'll be walking.

    Infant on all fours in foreground with smiling woman seated in background

    16. And finally...take the advice that works for you, and leave the rest.

    Adult helping a toddler take steps outdoors

    So, what's the best parenting advice you've received? Tell me in the comments or drop it into this Google form.