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    The Top 20 Places To Travel In 2020, According To Airbnb

    Book your trip before everyone else does!

    If anyone knows a thing or two about the latest travel trends, it's Airbnb. The company recently released its forecast of the top 20 places to visit in the new year. Airbnb looked at data to determine the places everyone is booking. Here's what they found.

    1. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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    This Midwestern city will host 2020's Democratic National Convention, but for those who aren't politically minded, the city is also home to a huge dining and bar scene. Book your trip to Milwaukee on Airbnb.

    2. Bilbao, Spain

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    This Basque city on Spain's northern coast is an up-and-coming cultural hub that's home to the architecturally splendid Guggenheim Museum. While you're there, try to explore the region's many seaside towns, especially San Sebastían, a must-visit spot for any food lover. Book your next trip to Bilbao on Airbnb.

    3. Buriram, Thailand

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    You've probably heard of Cambodia's Angkor Wat temple, but have you heard of Phanom Rung? This impressive Khmer temple can be found in the rural province of Buriram in northeastern Thailand. Book your trip to Buriram here.

    4. Sunbury, Victoria, Australia

    Adam Planas via Airbnb

    Just 40 minutes from the city of Melbourne, Sunbury is an easily accessible suburb worth exploring as a day trip or a weekend excursion. There, you'll find wineries bottling chardonnay and shiraz, golf resorts, green national parks, and grand Victorian-style mansions to admire. Book your trip to Sunbury here.

    5. Romania

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    It's time to set your sights beyond the popular European countries of France, Italy, and Spain. Romania has plenty to offer outdoorsy or urban travelers. Surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains, Romania boasts the verdant forests of Transylvania, and the capital, Bucharest, is an affordable metropolis that is home to wine bars, hipster coffee shops, and vibrant street art. Book your trip to Romania on Airbnb.

    6. Xi'an, China

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    Once the end of China's Silk Road, Xi'an is known for its iconic terra-cotta warriors, relics from the third century BCE and known today as the eighth wonder of the world. Xi'an is also a destination for food-minded travelers. Expect to sink your teeth into plump dumplings, hand-pulled noodles, and melt-in-your-mouth spicy lamb. Book your trip to Xi'an on Airbnb.

    7. Eugene, Oregon

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    Two hours south of Portland and an hour south of the Willamette Valley, Eugene is a great stop for art and nature lovers traveling in the Pacific Northwest. There are plenty of hiking spots, such as Mount Pisgah. Eugene is also a great place to explore Oregon's sustainable, organic farm scene and experience great farm-to-table dining. Book your trip to Eugene on Airbnb.

    8. Luxembourg

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    This teeny-tiny country surrounded by Belgium, France, and Germany is seriously charming. You'll find verdant hills, medieval castles, wine-producing vineyards, and one of the most quaint city centers in all of Europe. Visit during the summer when the weather is nice and people congregate in the streets to listen to live music and drink wine al fresco. Book your trip to Luxembourg on Airbnb.

    9. Guadalajara, Mexico

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    The capital of Mexico's Jalisco region, Guadalajara is a large and vibrant city known for mariachi music, tequila, and an excellent culinary scene. Here, the specialty is meat, and you'll find classic dishes like birria — lamb or goat in a spiced tomato stew served with fresh, warm tortillas. For travelers seeking a cultural Mexican experience that's a bit more manageable than Mexico City, Guadalajara is a good bet. Book your trip to Guadalajara on Airbnb.

    10. Vanuatu

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    The Republic of Vanuatu, an archipelago nation set off the coast of Queensland, Australia, is a dream vacation for lovers of off-the-beaten-path great outdoors. You won't find any cruise ships here, but you will find picture-perfect beaches, crystal clear coral reefs, and rugged coastline begging to be explored. Book your trip to Vanuatu on Airbnb.

    11. Cali, Colombia

    Adam Planas via Airbnb

    For years, tourists have been flocking to Cartagena, but Cali, one of Colombia's largest cities, is slowly popping up on more foreigners' radars for its music and dance scene, along with its rich Afro-Colombian culture.

    12. Cape Canaveral, Florida

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    Probably best known as home to the Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral — about midway between Jacksonville and Miami — also boasts miles and miles of Atlantic coastline. Book your trip to Cape Canaveral on Airbnb.

    13. Aberdeen, Scotland

    Adam Planas via Airbnb

    This port city in northeast Scotland is known for its very international population and its one-of-a-kind architecture. It's a great starting point from which to explore Loch Ness and the surrounding whiskey distilleries. It's known as the Granite City, a nod to the bright white stone that much of Aberdeen was built with. Book your trip to Aberdeen on Airbnb.

    14. Courtenay, British Columbia

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    This city on Vancouver Island's east coast is gaining popularity among eco-conscious travelers. While it's an urban locale, it's easily accessible to green parks, rolling hills, and outdoor adventure. Book your trip to Courtenay on Airbnb.

    15. Ubatuba, Brazil

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    Set in the state of São Paulo and surrounded by the lush rainforests of Serra do Mar State Park. this Brazilian region encompasses dozens of beaches. Thank to glorious weather and stunning coastline, it's become a hugely popular surfing spot.

    16. Les Contamines-Montjoie, France

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    Set in the French alps between the popular resort towns of Chamonix and Megève, Les Contamines is a less touristed destination perfect for summer hiking or winter skiing. Book your trip to Les Contamines-Montjoie on Airbnb.

    17. Tokyo, Japan

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    Let's be honest; if you're looking for an under-the-radar vacation, Tokyo isn't it. But this giant metropolis is home to amazing food, art, shopping, and culture. It's no surprise it's becoming a more and more popular destination year after year. Book your trip to Tokyo on Airbnb.

    18. Kerala, India

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    If you're looking for a respite from the bustle of Mumbai, Kerala is the perfect choice. Set on India's palm-lined Malabar Coast, you'll find beautiful stretches of the Arabian Sea, sprawling coffee plantations, and lush scenery. Book your trip to Kerala on Airbnb.

    19. Malindi, Kenya

    Adam Planas/Airbnb

    This beachy paradise on the Indian Ocean has been somewhat of a secret...until now. It's easy to see why travelers are beginning to discover this tropical port city. Full of reefs and diverse wildlife, it's an excellent spot for divers. Book your trip to Malindi on Airbnb.

    20. Maastricht, Netherlands

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    Sure, you've heard of Amsterdam, but have you heard of the Netherlands' other jewel, Maastricht? This Dutch city is quaint and historic with cobblestone streets and medieval architecture. Each year, it hosts TEFAF, one of Europe's largest art fairs. Book your trip to Maastricht on Airbnb.

    Where do you want to visit in 2020? Tell us in the comments below!

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