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28 Vines That Will Remind You Life Is Not (Always) Terrible

Escape the avalanche, six seconds at a time.

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1. This uncanny Ciara duet.

2. This demure DMX cover.

3. This subtle parental roast.

4. And this one you won't Belieb.

5. This work of art.

6. This reminder that your BFFs are lowkey more important than bae.

7. This perfect rendering of your sick days.

8. And this one about what your mom thinks is making you sick.

9. This clever evasion of snitching ass siblings.

10. This little girl who lowkey gives us Taraji vibes.

11. And this hug between Taraji and the Emmy-winning Viola Davis.

12. This warning to not be That Guy™.

13. This man who contains multitudes.

14. And this man telling Maury he didn't go forth and multiply.

15. This scarily accurate Trey Songz mashup.

16. And this baby who's still more coordinated than me.

17. The #tbt roast we deserved.

18. This religious ethnography.

Pay attention to the leather pants.

19. Even Siri wants to join the congregation.

20. And this PSA about cooking hazards.

21. This utter disregard for the cold.

22. This far more appropriate response.

23. And this take on the ridiculousness that was High School Musical.

24. This entire feature-length film that is somehow captured in six seconds.

25. This opening sequence for any movie on the channel Stacey Dash likes to pretend she wasn't on.

26. This re-envisioning of Full House.

27. Rihanna and her bestie Melissa just having a casual krump competition on a yacht.

28. And Marshawn Lynch's flawless life philosophy. 🙏

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