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17 Things You Only See At A Historically Black College Homecoming

It's a different world.

1. School spirit is on a whole other level.

2. And the stands are HELLA turnt!

3. The dance team's uniforms literally look like they were made by Beyoncé's seamstress.

4. And halftime sounds a lot like your turn up playlist.

5. Folks get doooown.

6. And holding each other down takes on a whole new meaning.

7. It's nothing to see a massive swag surf.

No HBCU swag surfs better than us! Spelman | Morehouse | CAU

8. But really though, nobody swag surfs like HBCU students.

I been going to the wrong school 😩😩😍😤

9. Step shows are a full on production.

10. With precision that's just... 🔥🔥🔥

11. Where else do you get to see a stroll this hype?

happy friday from #AUCHomecoming 🔥💪🏾🔥

12. Or jumps this clean?

13. Sororities rep HARD.

14. Royalty is literally everywhere you turn.

15. Alumni come back graceful as ever.

16. And sometimes you even get a casual Rick Ross appearance.

So @RickRoss just slid through the #AUC and turnt up right quick ! #AUCHomecoming #RickRoss #Skyylevelmedia

No biggie.

17. At the end of the day, one thing's for sure.