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    23 Photos That'll Send Young Millennials Right Back To Elementary School

    Ahh, the good ol' days.

    If you were born in the late '90s or early '00s, these photos from r/nostalgia on Reddit will transport you right back to elementary school. Enjoy your trip down memory lane:

    1. These iconic brain teasers:

    Who else used “Brain Quest” to play school/teacher as kid? from nostalgia

    Maybe I'm a nerd, but I had so much fun going through these.

    2. This happy place:

    Spending hours in the library from nostalgia

    I can still smell it.

    3. These long-lost dodgeballs:

    Getting balls stuck in the ceiling in gym class, never to be used again! from nostalgia

    The kids who treated P.E. class like the Olympics were the ones who always tried to get more dodgeballs wedged in the ceiling.

    4. This sensory experience:

    Putting your fingers in these lunch tables. from nostalgia

    Then you'd panic that you'd somehow get a finger stuck in there.

    5. These worrisome worksheets:

    Anyone have these math problems in elementary shool? We only had a minute to complete it. from nostalgia

    This triggers my fight or flight response.

    6. These timeless tiles:

    Tangram from 90s childhood. from nostalgia

    I loved making mosaics on my desk with these.

    7. These markers that smelled like heaven:

    Rememberthe smell of Mr. Sketch Scented Markers? from nostalgia

    I always wanted to taste them, tbh.

    8. These staples of recess:

    Helicopter leaves from nostalgia

    You could race your friends to see whose helicopter would hit the ground first.

    9. This fine dining:

    The Real Kid Cuisine! Why ever change? from nostalgia

    Kid Cuisine and Lunchables were the height of luxury.

    10. This joyful gym class activity:

    The big parachute was always a fun time from nostalgia

    Hands down the best day all year.

    11. This music class mystery:

    Who remembers playing the recorder in grade school? from nostalgia

    Why did we need to learn how to play these?

    12. These forbidden gummy bears:

    Plastic Bears the teacher would take out in class. Remem-bear? from nostalgia

    What did we even use these for?

    13. This perfect puzzle book:

    I Spy books used to occupy me for HOURS from nostalgia

    I spy something amazing!

    14. These finger breakers:

    Gym Scooters! Y’all remember these shits? from nostalgia

    Someone was gonna end up in the nurse's office.

    15. These perfect popsicles:

    Otter Pops(Fun Pops) Popsicles from nostalgia

    Blue was superior.

    16. This powerful paper:

    Learning how to write on these sheets of paper. from nostalgia

    My handwriting has always been huge thanks to these.

    17. This common cafeteria:

    Did anyone else have a stage in the cafeteria of their school? from nostalgia

    This really might be my elementary school cafeteria.

    18. This wooden wonderland:

    Who remembers spending countless hours on these playgrounds from nostalgia

    Such a fun playground, but the splinters were endless.

    19. These merciless mats:

    Anyone remember those mats that didnt even soften the fall when you landed on them? from nostalgia

    My stomach would sink when these came out during gym class.

    20. These classy calculators:

    Elementary school issued calculators from nostalgia

    Remember typing in "58008" and turning the calculator upside down for the best joke ever?

    21. These trailer classrooms:

    Who had class in a portable at school? from nostalgia

    They were either freezing cold or boiling hot.

    22. This engineering marvel:

    Marble Run from nostalgia

    Miss these, tbh.

    23. And finally, these succulent Scooby snacks:

    Those cyan scooby gummies do be slapping though from nostalgia


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