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Women, If You're Comfortable Sharing, Please Tell Us About The First Time You Remember Feeling Objectified

I remember vividly.

It's no secret that women face objectification and over-sexualization from an early age.

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While all sexes and genders deal with issues of objectification, as a cis woman, I can speak to and understand the toll such harassment can take on developing young girls.

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Many women still remember the first time they felt objectified. For many of us, it was as early as elementary school. These comments can have a lasting impact on our body image, confidence, and mental health.

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For example, I remember walking around a department store with my mom when I was 11 years old. I went through puberty early, so I was fairly busty and curvy. I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt. My mom was walking a bit behind me and noticed two grown men following me around, staring at me, and making comments. She blew past them, got to me, and pulled me aside to wait for them to pass. She didn't tell me until after we were home that they were being "crude" and she wanted to get me away. I felt uncomfortable and a bit scared. It was then that I realized I'd be dealing with those situations potentially for the rest of my life.

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Perhaps you've been in a similar situation, like being told not to wear tank tops to your elementary, middle, or high school classes — all because your body was distracting to your male teachers and classmates. Or, you've been followed while walking outside, through a parking lot, or around a store.

Pensive woman sitting with her head in her hands

Women, if you are comfortable sharing, please tell us about the first time you remember being objectified. You may leave your story in the comments, or you may use this form if you wish to remain anonymous. Your submission may be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.