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I'm Dying To Hear Your Period Horror Story

The struggle is so real.

Periods can be stressful.

Though sometimes starting your period is a big old sigh of relief, most of the time it's just a pain in the pants.

Period mishaps are, unfortunately, pretty inevitable.

Maybe you were 12 years old and blissfully unaware of the storm brewing in your uterus. You decided to wear a cute new pair of white jeans to the school dance, and while cutting it up on the dance floor, your crush tapped you on the shoulder and said you had ketchup on your butt. You ran into the bathroom with your best friend and spotted the red stain forming on your pants. You called your mom crying and begged her to pick you up.

Perhaps you were on a family vacation during ~that~ time of the month. While on a hike, you started to get really powerful cramps. The cramps got so unbearable that you realized you needed a toilet ASAP. You were in the middle of the woods and didn't know what to do, so you went behind a tree and unleashed one of the most unforgiving period shits of your life.

Or maybe you were finishing up a job interview when you realized something felt off in your ~downstairs~ area. As you got up from the interviewer's office chair, you noticed a fresh pile of blood on the seat. Rather than acknowledge it, you backed out of the office and ran to the bathroom with your blazer tied around your waist.

What's your period horror story? Drop it in the comments below! The best stories will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.