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We Want To Hear Your Most Embarrassing Job Interview Story

Well, nobody's perfect.

Job interviews can be very stressful situations.

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Nerves can make people do and say strange things, not to mention the toll those jitters can take on your body.

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Perhaps you had a nervous stomach before going in for an interview, and as you sat down to chat with your potential future boss, hot lava shits began seeping out of your butthole and onto their office chair.

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Maybe you were so anxious in an interview that you mispronounced your own name during your introduction, which prompted the interviewers to refer to you as the wrong name throughout the entire conversation. Because you were so embarrassed, you failed to correct the mistake; and now you've been working for them for six months, and they still don't know your real name.

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Or perhaps you were conducting a virtual interview for a new hire from your home. And 10 minutes in, your naked, angry toddler stormed into the room screaming and carrying an open box of Cheerios.

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What's your most embarrassing job interview story? Drop it in the comments below! The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.