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Retail Workers β€” Tell Us About The Wildest Thing You've Ever Witnessed A Customer Do Or Say

Let's discuss.

Retail workers are among the most patient human beings on the planet.

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They calmly and courageously deal with an endless stream of dissatisfied customers, expired coupons, and Karen complaints.

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The customer is NOT always right, though angry customers will often go to great lengths to have their demands met.

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Perhaps you once witnessed a customer dump their entire cart of groceries on the floor in a fit of rage after their expired coupon for 30% off of toothpaste was denied.

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Or maybe you once rang up a customer who insisted on speaking to your manager because they found the pink streaks in your hair to be horribly offensive.

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Or perhaps you had to escort a customer out of the store for refusing to wear a mask, so they started coughing all over you and screaming in your face.

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Retail workers, drop your customer horror stories in the comments below. The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!