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Whatever Happened To The Popular Kid From Your Class?

We all have that one person who comes to mind!

Transport your brain alllll the way back to your high school days. Think back to those senior superlatives, like "most likely to succeed," "most popular," or even "best dressed." Yeah, the "cool" kids often swept those categories.

Well, whatever happened to those popular kids from school? With a little thing called social media, it's pretty easy to see what your former classmates are doing with their lives these days. So, what became of the most popular kid in your school???

Perhaps that popular girl went on to become an influencer, and now she's married to an NBA player and living in Los Angeles.

Or maybe that popular guy ended up staying in his hometown and opening a successful restaurant.

Or maybe that one girl went to an Ivy League school and now works in the White House!

Or perhaps that popular clique all ended up staying in town and marrying each other after high school. Some of them have kids now, and they post about 100 photos a day on Facebook and Instagram of their little Hayleighs and Braxtons.

What happened to the popular kid from your school? Where did they end up? Tell us in the comments or submit anonymously using this form for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!