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People With Vaginas, What's Something You Wish You Learned About Your Body Sooner?

Let's learn together.

It's no secret that sex education isn't always as informative and helpful as we'd like it to be.

It's often considered taboo talking about the human body in general, but bodies with vaginas face even more scrutiny and stigmatization.

When people are discouraged from talking about their own bodies, many questions go unanswered. People are left to their own devices in order to piece together the information needed to ensure a healthy and safe lifestyle.

Maybe you had no idea that vaginas are acidic and can leave bleach stains in your underwear until you stumbled across that viral TikTok, or saw BuzzFeed's article about it!

Maybe you were never taught to pee after sex to prevent UTIs, and knowing this little bit of information might've spared you a lot of discomfort and a couple doctor's appointments.

Or, perhaps you've been confusing your vagina and vulva this entire time because, well, that one diagram from 7th grade health class was super unclear.

It's important to keep learning and to help teach others as well! So, if you have a vagina, head to the comments and share something you wish you had learned about your body sooner! Some of the best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!