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What's Something That Was Normalized In School But Is Actually Really Toxic?

Too. Much. Standardized. Testing.

While education is very important, I think we can all agree that the school system has plenty of flaws.

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Lots of things that are "normalized" in school are actually pretty messed up.

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For starters, the way many schools choose to implement and enforce dress codes is highly problematic. Sending young girls home for wearing tank tops in August is disturbing and disruptive.

Man holding a clipboard reading, "dress code policy"
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The tremendous emphasis placed on test-taking is also pretty awful. It's an unfair assessment of intelligence and doesn't accurately measure or capture how smart students really are.

Someone bubbling in a test answer sheet with a pencil
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Additionally, the practice of sending students home with hours of homework per class is ridiculous. It discourages them from going outside, socializing, or participating in extracurriculars.

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What's something that's regarded as "normal" in school, but is actually pretty messed up? Tell us in the comments. The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!