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    19 Times Restaurants Cared More About Presentation Than Practicality And Served Their Dishes With A Side Of Pure Chaos

    Unnecessary. All of it!!

    1. This disturbing doll head drink:

    A drink in a mug in the shape of a baby doll's head with the top of the head missing

    2. This Versace shoe bread basket:

    A bread basket in the shape of a shoe with "Versace" on it on a restaurant table

    3. This burger you can eat at your own risk:

    A burger in what looks like a mouse trap with a spring

    4. This dessert that looks straight out of a dumpster:

    A chocolate mousse–type lump on top of what looks like a crushed soda can and a piece of paper saying "You have been warned"

    5. This plating featuring some unexpected dinner guests:

    A plate on top of a fish bowl with goldfish in it

    6. This boozy bag:

    A cocktail in a see-through plastic bag tied with a string

    7. This taco display:

    Tacos above a wooden cutting board and hanging from what look like clothespins

    8. These onion rings you have to work for:

    Onion rings on a funnel and looking like a ring toss game

    9. This scoop of pasta:

    Some pasta in what looks like a shovel on top of a cutting board

    10. This bagel torture device:

    A sesame bagel stuck on some kind of rod attached to a cutting board, and cream cheese on a stick

    11. This boxed beverage:

    Liquid in a wooden box that looks like a Jenga piece

    12. This totally appetizing bowl of feathers and bird feet:

    Some kind of drumsticks on a plate that looks a bit like a nest, with bird feathers, sticks, and bird feet

    13. This bag of beans:

    String beans jutting out of a brown paper bag

    14. This Caesar salad for sipping:

    Large, whole lettuce leaves, onions, and croutons in a wine glass

    15. This napkin surprise:

    Hors d'oeuvres of some kind with crackers and garnish, served on a folded napkin on top of a wood cutting board

    16. This $8 guacamole:

    Guacamole in half an avocado skin

    17. This real-life "light bulb moment" for the chef:

    Sorbet with foam served with a straw inside a broken light bulb

    18. This barbed wire broccoli:

    Broccoli florets stuck on what looks like barbed wire

    19. And this sushi tree:

    A bonsai-type tree on a restaurant table with sushi stuck in it

    H/T: r/WeWantPlates and r/wewantcups.