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    18 Weddings Where It Was Painfully Obvious The Bride And Groom Weren't Meant To Be

    "The groom looked to the crowd, laughed, and said, 'I don't want to kiss her.'"

    A person's wedding day is an important and memorable event. But what's meant to be a special day can quickly turn sour when it becomes clear that the couple just aren't meant to be.

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    Reddit user u/flyoverthemoon posed the question, "What happened at a wedding that made it obvious that the bride and groom shouldn't be getting married? Are they still together?" The thread quickly filled with stories of jaw-dropping wedding disasters. Here are some of the wildest responses:

    1. "My stepdad used to be in a band that sometimes played weddings. He told me that at one wedding, the groom got up to give a speech before the first dance and told everyone that the bride and best man should have the first dance because they had been fucking. He then left and the bride and best man actually had that dance."

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    2. "I was the flower girl in a wedding when I was 6. The ceremony was going fine until the kiss. The groom looked to the crowd, laughed, and said, 'I don't want to kiss her.' Everyone thought he was joking, but he really would not kiss his bride and left her standing there totally embarrassed. Even at age 6, I was dumbfounded. The marriage lasted less than a year."

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    3. "At the reception dinner, a drunk bridesmaid stood up and gave a toast announcing that she and the bride had hooked up at the bachelorette party the day before the wedding and that she should be the one marrying the bride. The groom sat there frozen with his glass half up. Crickets. Then, the bride's father stood up and gave his toast like nothing had happened. The groom left the reception early. The marriage didn't last."

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    4. "The groom was so hammered he could barely stand for his vows. Then, the couple got in a huge fight at the reception. It lasted less than a year."

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    5. "This happened during my second wedding. The officiant asked, 'Does anyone have any reason these two should not be wed?' A storm was coming, and at that exact moment, a very low rumble of thunder came from the sky. Everyone just stopped and looked up. I said, 'Maybe try that again?' Everyone chuckled, he asked again, and nothing else happened. Well, I found out five months later that she had been cheating on me for a while. We aren’t together anymore."

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    6. "Shortly after the ceremony, the groom announced to everyone, including his bride, that he had enlisted in the Navy and was due to report in a few weeks. She was beyond surprised. They didn't even make it a year."

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    7. "The groom kept trying to kiss the bride during their first dance, and she kept subtly avoiding it. They divorced within the first year."

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    8. "About an hour before my cousin’s wedding, she made the comment that her next wedding wasn’t going to be as big and complicated. She was right. Her second wedding was super small."

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    9. "The bride got drunk and started screaming about how much she hated her in-laws, who were obviously within earshot. The couple lasted a few years, had kids, and unfortunately are spending thousands in a nasty divorce right now."

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    10. "The bride showed up late to her own wedding, crying and trying to compose herself because she had just said goodbye to the other guy she was seeing. The marriage lasted maybe six months."

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    11. "In the men's room at the reception, I overheard the groom telling his buddies how excited he was about the honeymoon destination because there were going to be tons of hot women there. The marriage didn't last long."

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    12. "The bride went out for frozen yogurt right after the wedding with just her friends. She and the groom had ridden to the ceremony together. He had to hitch a ride home with me. They divorced one year later."

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    13. "Even as a kid, I knew the marriage was doomed when the priest said, 'You may kiss the bride' and the bride turned away so that the groom's kiss landed on her cheek. They have been divorced for a long time."

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    14. "The bride showed up 45 minutes late to her own wedding and stoned out of her mind. The divorce is messy and still ongoing."

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    15. "My cousin was marrying a guy named Chad, who was a total Chad. When it got to the vows and the priest said 'for richer or poorer,' the groom replied, 'for richer or richer!' His side of the aisle guffawed like it was the height of comedy. My cousin's side was dead silent. They were divorced in three months."

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    16. "During the first wedding I ever attended, the bride and groom walked down the aisle after the ceremony to the song 'Highway to Hell.' They were divorced two months later."

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    17. "I worked at a banquet hall where one of my fellow servers caught the groom and a bridesmaid in the supply closet during the reception. I assume the couple didn't last long."

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    18. Finally: "The bride sang 'Someone Like You' by Adele — an iconic breakup song — directly to the groom during the ceremony. The marriage lasted nine months."

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    Have you ever seen drama go down at a wedding? Share your story in the comments below!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.