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We Tried Different Clothing Subscription Boxes So You Don't Have To β€” Here's What We Learned

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Hey party people! Hannah and Kayla comin' at ya hot to tell you all about our experiences trying out various clothing subscription boxes.

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Hannah loves shopping and has missed being able to visit stores and try on clothes during the pandemic. Kayla hates shopping and would be thrilled if she never had to set foot inside of a department store ever again. So, we decided to try out StitchFix, Nordstrom Trunk Club, and thredUP to see if we could find clothes that fit our style, price range, and comfort level.

First up: StitchFix ($20)

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that ships clothes to your door and offers free returns. After taking some styling quizzes and swiping through looks, you can schedule a box! Your stylist will then send you 10 potential items based on your preferences, and you can pick five to get shipped right to you. Then, you can try on the pieces, keep what you love, and return what you don't. The $20 shipping charge then gets subtracted from your grand total if you decide to keep anything.

Hannah's box:

Tribal Fia Straight Print Pull On Trouser β€” $58

Pair of printed pants, next to a woman wearing the pants and a t-shirt

I loved these pants. They are super comfortable, and I love the way they fit. They could work for casual and professional settings. I really liked the color scheme, plus they made my butt *pop.*

Nine Britton Dalia Brushed Knit Top β€” $44

Striped sweater, next to a woman wearing the sweater and leggings

This was one of the SOFTEST sweaters I've ever felt. It's pretty light and could work with a pair of jeans or just some cozy leggings.

Vigoss Lola Straight Leg Jean β€” $68

Jeans, next to a woman wearing the jeans and a t-shirt

I am very obsessed with these jeans. I'm pretty short but have wider hips and thighs, so I often have a hard time shopping for jeans. The jeans that fit my waist and legs tend to be four or more inches too long. But these were more capri-length, while still having a flattering fit. Plus, they're not just skin-tight like so many of my old jeans. LOVE!

Intimately by Free People Hayley Racerback Lounge Brami β€” $28, and Pink Clover Esperanza Double Pocket Open Cardigan β€” $48

A tank top, a woman wearing a sweater, tank, and leggings, and a sweater

I paired the last two items together because why not? The gray tank definitely made me nervous at first. I don't tend to like super-tight shirts, especially ones with high necklines, because of my big ol' boobs. ButΒ I didn't feel quite as stressed once I tried it on. Then, I layered on this cozy cardigan and felt at home. The cardigan is super soft and flowy. I'm a big fan of oversized cardigans, so this fit the bill for sure.

Next up, Kayla's box!

Zia Tie Back Blouse β€” $42


I absolutely loved this top! It was flowy, the color looked amazing against my skin, and the small opening in the back was a little daring, but I thought it was so cute.

WEST KEI Allura Knot Detail Blouse β€” $42


So, I definitely had mixed feelings about this top because it did look a little boring when I took it out of the box, but I was so wrong! It really showed off my figure once I put it on, and I was in love!

Bowie 3/4 Sleeve Dolman Knit Top β€” $58, and Jacueline Skinny Pant β€” $78


These pants definitely pushed me outside of my comfort zone, as I'm definitely known as a plain jean kind of person. However, paired with the matching top, I thought it worked perfectly, plus the pants were so comfy, I didn't want to take them off!

B Collection by BOBEAU Quinton Brushed Knit Cozy Joggers β€” $54

A pair of dark colored jogger pants.

These joggers were so COMFY! The fabric was like wearing butter and it was super lightweight! Unfortunately, the pants didn't photograph well but, trust me, these are so worth the money!

Next: Nordstrom Trunk Club ($25)

Nordstrom has their own contactless shopping option now too, called Trunk Club. You fill out your sizes and preferences, then you get to schedule a trunk! You are then shown a trunk of 10 items, and you can decide if you want to keep or change those items out. You can even opt for a brand-new trunk. Whenever you are satisfied, you can get the trunk shipped to you for $25. If you decide to keep any of the clothes, the $25 will be subtracted from your grand total.

Hannah's box:

Treasure & Bond Rib Tank β€” $25, 4th & Reckless Beckett Belted Jacket β€” $75, Liverpool Los Angeles Ripped Cuffed High Waist Girlfriend Jeansβ€” $98, and Steve Madden Michigan Sneaker β€” $79.95

A black tank and dog, a blue jacket, jeans, and sneakers

Say hi to my adorable dog, Snickers! This box came with way more items, so bear with all the photos! These were my favorite items from the box for sure. The tank top was loose, but still flattering. I loved the fit. The blazer felt both retro and modern, and it made me feel like a Business Bitch. I really liked these jeans, but they were a little pricy for me. And, finally, these sneakers stole my heart. They ended up being on clearance (and still are!) so they were $69.95 by the time I committed to 'em. I did keep the blazer and tank top because I just couldn't resist.

Here I am flexing this fit:

Woman outside posing in a blazer and jeans

Topshop Denim Shirt Jacket β€” $75, and AllSaints Coni Cotton Tank β€” $69

Brown denim shirt and a white tank top

The denim shirt was a bit heavy and coarse for my liking. It was really cool, but it just didn't reel me in like the blue blazer. The tank top was NOT meant for me. As I've mentioned, I've got some heavy boobs. Well, this tank top had shoulder pads. So, the bulky shoulders paired with my bulky boobs was just not my look.

I paired these tops with the jeans and shoes from the previous outfit:

woman outside wearing jeans, white shirt and shoes, and denim jacket

Daydreamer Pink Floyd Weekend Graphic Tee β€” $74

Tshirt, next to a woman posing in the shirt

Let's be honest β€” I loved this shirt. But, I couldn't justify the price for myself. It was super soft and I loved the colors though!

River Island Frill Waist Minidress β€” $70, Topshop Ruched Leather Flap Shoulder Bag β€” $65, and SPANX Faux Leather Moto Leggings β€” $110.

Ruffled dress, a small purse, and black leggings

There are no pictures of me wearing these items for good reason! The dress, while lovely, was four sizes too big. The purse was just tiny and didn't look cute when I held it, so I just snapped a shot of it on the floor. Finally, bless these leggings. They did not go over my knees. Needless to say, these things were not kept.

And here comes Kayla rocking her looks!

Reformation Rio Sweatshirt β€” $68, and Quay Australia High Key Mini 57mm Aviator Sunglasses β€” $65


So, this box honestly was my biggest disappointment. While it did come with a lot of items, most of them were not tailored to the size measurements I provided. However, I did manage to have a few pieces that worked! First up, this gray sweatshirt was extremely comfortable and, while I wasn't a fan of the matching sweatpants that came with it, I did enjoy rocking this. Plus, the sunglasses made me feel like Audrey Hepburn, which is always a good thing.

Daydreamer Def Leppard On the Prowl Graphic Tee β€” $74 and Quay Australia High Key Mini 57mm Aviator Sunglasses β€” $65


My first impression of this t-shirt was, "I'd never wear something like that in a million years." However, after trying it on, I did like how the yellow complimented my skin. The sunglasses were the best part β€” as any pair of aviators will make anyone feel like a badass.

Topshop Crop Hoodie β€” $65 and Ray-Ban Icons 50mm Round Metal Sunglasses β€” $161


Listen, I'm definitely not someone who wears crop tops, so I was a bit skeptical even trying this on. But, I'm so glad I did because, not only was it comfortable af, it fit so well on me! I paired the hoodie with a cute undershirt of my own and was super feeling myself, as you can probably tell from the picture! Also, these sunglasses were actually my favorite pair, but that price? Yikes!

Madewell Perfect Vintage Step Hem Jeans β€” $98

A pair of light wash jeans

I was devastated when these jeans didn't fit because I loved the light wash look. But, alas they couldn't fit over my thighs and another pair of jeans bites the dust.

Finally: thredUP ($10)

ThredUp is an online consignment and thrift store. You can shop regularly, or opt for one of their goody boxes, which is what we tried! The goody boxes cost $10 for shipping, and if you keep any clothes, you get that $10 subtracted from your total. They send you 10 items, then you get to try them on, keep your favorites, and return what you don't want.

Hannah's box:

Urban Outfitters Long Sleeve Blouse β€” $19.99 and Vera & Lucy Bodysuit β€” $19.99

Red crop top and black bodysuit

ThredUP's prices were definitely the best of the boxes, considering all their clothes are secondhand. I did love both of these items, but, as we've discussed, my boobs don't just fit in any ol' shirt, So, these were a no.

Level 99 Jeans β€” $22.99 and Unbranded Jeans β€” $16.99

animal print pants and jeans

Unfortunately, the animal print pants were just not my style. I love a good leopard print moment, but these pants just didn't speak to me. And, these jeans had such a strong and astringent smell that I was not crushed to find that they didn't fit.

Assorted Brands Casual Dress β€” $17.99 and Assorted Brands Casual Dress β€” $17.99

Green dress and a black and white polka dotted dress

I did truly love both of these dresses, but those pesky ol' boobs kept me from getting to enjoy them! Couldn't fit the girls into either dress. Tragic.

AaKaa Sleeveless Blouse β€” $16.99 and Hanes X Karla Short Sleeve T-Shirt β€” $20.99

Floral tank top and a white cropped t-shirt

Not to bring up my boobs again, but yeah. These didn't work. They were just so incredibly tiny. The Hanes shirt was possibly the smallest shirt I have ever seen, excluding baby clothes. I'm not sure what went wrong here. These were not even in the realm of my clothing sizes. Oh well!

The Limited Casual Pants β€” $16.99 and Gap Jeans β€” $24.99

Black slacks and a pair of faded jeans

These were my final items from the box, and I have bad news. The black pants were too large, and the jeans were too small. It was such a shame! I was definitely disappointed to get to the end of my box with nothing set aside to keep!

And finally, Kayla's box!

Jones Studio Long Sleeve Blouse β€” $60 and Lucky Brand Denim Shorts β€” $70


I'm always in the market for a pair of shorts that fits me well, as I have long legs and bigger thighs, so I was so excited to pull these out of my box! The shorts fit me like a glove and the rips on the legs gives it a fun, casual twist. I paired the shorts with this pink top and, I have to say, I love the summer dad vibes I was giving off.

Nike Pullover Hoodie β€” $78


I didn't really expect to to get a thick hooded sweatshirt from my summer look box, but I LOVE Nike, so it was a nice surprise. While I wasn't the biggest fan of the color, the sweatshirt was super comfortable and paired well with the shorts from the previous picture.

Old Navy Casual Dress β€” $40

A short sleeve long green dress

This dress was so lightweight and comfortable; it's the kind of piece you could wear to a summer barbecue. However, it wasn't even a little bit form fitting, so I was left looking boxy and like I had no figure. Plus, the top of the dress ended up giving me the dreaded uniboob look.Β 

Banana Republic Short Sleeve Blouse β€” $55

A blue shirt with red checks on it.

I really loved the pattern of this shirt! It reminded me of being on a cruise, but the sleeves were too tight around my arms, so I had to pass. Such a shame.

Tommy Hillfiger Jeans β€” $99

A pair of flared jeans

No hate to flare jeans, but I'm not the biggest fan. Flared jeans always seem to fit too tight on my hips and I don't like how the ends are super wide and can almost fit over my sneakers. I really liked the wash look of these, but it wasn't my style at all.

Final thoughts:

Kayla: This experience was actually really fun! I'm so not a shopping person and always dread going to the mall to sift through racks upon racks of clothes. However, these boxes took some of that anxiety away and allowed me to have complete control over the looks I received. Most of the clothes I tried on were a nice mix of my own personal style with some cool curveballs thrown in. While I didn't keep the majority of the clothes, the pieces I did keep are super cute and comfortable. My only complaint would be that the boxes as a whole didn't come with enough choices for a plus-size person. Even after sending in a questionnaire in which I broke down my size to the nearest inch, a lot of the pants were still sent in smaller sizes, which isn't ideal, and the tops could be tight in certain places, like my bust or arms. Overall, I think subscription boxes are perfect for my fellow non-shoppers out there and it's a good way to get outside of your comfort zone.

Hannah: I really enjoyed trying out these services! It's no secret that I love shopping, so it was super interesting to learn about these boxes and find some cute new items! Online shopping still isn't my preferred method, just because sizing can be so wonky. Like Kayla, even though I filled out my exact sizes, some of the clothes just didn't fit. But I was lucky in the sense that I found quite a few pieces I loved, and therefore was willing to keep. I'd be down to experiment with all of these subscription boxes again, but so far, Stitch Fix has been my favorite. Yes, I've already ordered more boxes. If you're looking to try something new and are down to invest in some new pieces for your wardrobe, pick a service and give it a go!