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What Super-Cringey Phase Did You Go Through When You Were A Kid Or Teenager?

"It's not a phase, mom!!!"

Look, we all went through some pretty unique phases when we were younger. It's part of growing up! When you're at ~that stage~ of life, all you want is a sense of identity and individuality. Well, sometimes that urge to be "special" can lead to some pretty cringey behavior.

Maybe you were a preteen like me who fell madly in love with the show Glee and then based your entire sense of self around the show for the next year and a half. Extra points if you actively called yourself a "Gleek" and wore the shirts to prove it (and then helped start a glee club at your middle school).

Or perhaps you were really into horses and would gallop in the hallways to get to your classes. You'd whinny and neigh at anyone who tried to talk to you, and stamp your hooves — I mean feet — when you were mad.

Or maybe you went through a phase where you were obsessed with this sparkly scarf you got at Claire's, and you insisted on wearing it everywhere because ✨fashion.✨ You even wore it to your bestie's pool party — you were just that devoted.

We've all been there, so please tell me all about *that* phase you went through when you were younger. And feel free to submit photos along with your story! Sometimes the visual aid just really helps. The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!