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Restaurant Workers, Tell Us About The Most Entitled Customers You've Encountered

The customer is NOT always right.

Working in food service is certainly no easy feat. The work can be very tiring and taxing, not to mention the added stress of dealing with unsatisfied customers.

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Though some customers are perfectly polite and leave generous tips, others can be nasty, demanding, and just plain entitled.

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Perhaps you were working as a server in a fancy restaurant at a resort. A couple who was clearly fighting was seated in your section, and they kept loudly bickering and insulting one another. When you came back to their table to ask for their orders, the husband chucked a dinner roll at your head and told you to "leave them the hell alone." After 45 minutes of fighting at the table, they left without ever ordering.

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Maybe you took orders at the counter of a popular fast food restaurant. One day, an older woman came in to grab lunch. When you started to greet her and ask for her order, she cut you off and said you were not important enough to be speaking to her. She refused to let you say a word to her, and said she would only let the manager take her order.

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Or perhaps you were working as a host on a busy Friday night. A large family with numerous crying, whiny children came in and marched up to your station. One of the men began demanding that you seat their party of 11 immediately, even though they didn't have a reservation. You politely explained that a party of that size would probably have an hour wait, so he grabbed one of the crying kids, stuck them in your face, and said, "Tell my baby to her face that she can't have dinner for another hour."

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If you work or have ever worked in food service, tell us about your worst customer interactions! What was the most entitled thing a customer has ever said or done? How did you handle it? Tell us all about it in the comments below, or submit anonymously using this form. The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!