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    16 Feelings Only People Who Love Bookstores Will Appreciate

    My inner bookworm is quaking.

    1. When you have to promise yourself you won't spend $100 on books before entering the store.

    2. When you step inside and breathe in that beautiful bookstore smell.

    3. When you spot the table of new releases.

    4. When you open up a brand new book and flip through its pristine pages.

    5. When your body gets that adrenaline rush from speed reading through a book you may or may not buy.

    6. When you break down and decide to buy yourself a cup of that delicious, overpriced coffee.

    7. When you can't resist splurging on a chocolate chip scone to accompany your drink.

    8. When you're looking through all the adorable planners and you feel that sudden urge to get your life together.

    9. When you somehow end up spending 20 minutes sniffing candles and can't decide if you like vanilla lavender or guava sunset better.

    10. When you browse the magazine section and happen to flip through a few tabloids.

    11. When you think you spot someone you know so you expertly hide between aisles of books to avoid an encounter.

    12. When you pretend to be fascinated by a genre you've never heard of so you can get a better look at the mysterious cutie inhabiting the aisle.

    13. When you find that special book you just know will make the perfect vacation read.

    14. When you find four more books that will also make great vacation reads but you have no travel plans and no suitcase big enough anyway.

    15. When you make the gut-wrenching decision to put a book back.

    16. When you finally leave the store with all your new treasures.