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    These 21 Images Are Interesting AF, But Definitely A Little Confusing

    I'm intrigued.

    1. This seashell surprise:

    Today, I found a tiny shell in my sea salt! from mildlyinteresting

    2. This Nike that's returned to nature:

    This Nike that we found while hiking from mildlyinteresting

    3. This two-for-one furry friend:

    Our new kitten has a dog's face on his forehead from mildlyinteresting

    4. This tree that couldn't be stopped:

    This tree grew inside the STOP sign from Damnthatsinteresting

    5. This fish out of water:

    The inside of this tree looks like a fish. from mildlyinteresting

    6. This lifelike LEGO:

    This LEGO set has loose change in the couch from mildlyinteresting

    7. This magnetic marvel:

    The sand in Tahoe is magnetic and stuck to my phone from mildlyinteresting

    8. These accidental paint balls:

    My son’s watercolors got left in the sun, and they shrunk into round balls from mildlyinteresting

    9. This patterned paw:

    My cat’s checkered paw. from mildlyinteresting

    10. This round rainbow:

    A full rain ... circle from mildlyinteresting

    11. This natural number:

    My cherry tomato turned over an had a naturally made number on it from mildlyinteresting

    12. This convenient keyboard:

    Found my old cell phone with optional clip on chatboard for ‘easy’ texting from mildlyinteresting

    13. This fishy situation:

    Went out this morning and found a dead fish on my roof from mildlyinteresting

    14. This real-life periodic table:

    My girlfriend got me a periodic table of elements with actual samples of elements when I finished my science degree from mildlyinteresting

    15. This magical view:

    The View of the Hogwarts Castle at Universal from my school. from mildlyinteresting

    16. This orange in disguise:

    My orange looks suspiciously pumpkin-like. from mildlyinteresting

    17. This supportive tree:

    Somehow half of the bottom trunk of this tree was cut but the tree still managed to survive from mildlyinteresting

    18. This adorable strawberry:

    This strawberry I found is shaped like a perfect flower. from mildlyinteresting

    19. This beautiful bug:

    Came across a pink katydid from mildlyinteresting

    20. This glowing glassware:

    My collection of Uranium Glass that glows under UV light! from interestingasfuck

    21. And finally, this colorful cat:

    Olive, a cat with sectoral heterochromia from interestingasfuck

    Check out r/interestingasfuck, r/Damnthatsinteresting, and r/mildlyinteresting for more!

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