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People Who Are Polyamorous, Tell Us About The Rules Or Guidelines You Follow In Your Relationships

Let's learn more about love!

When it comes to relationships and falling in love, society tends to focus on the idea of soulmates or a person finding "the one." But for many people, monogamy is not the answer and "the one" can actually be multiple loving partners.

Because polyamory is not often talked about in modern love stories, it can be an area of curiosity, and even judgment, for people who are used to the idea of monogamy. Many people just don't understand the dynamics of these relationships.

Like any romantic relationship, polyamory requires communication and boundaries. If you are currently in or have ever been a part of a polyamorous relationship, what were some of the rules or guidelines put in place to keep your relationships running smoothly?

Perhaps there were systems in place, schedules set up, or clear boundaries that made your relationships successful.

woman saying "Let me check with my people"

How did you and your partners establish these guidelines? Were there some that worked and some that didn't? How have these rules impacted your romantic life?

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We want to hear about your experiences! Please share with us in the comments below, or submit to this anonymous form. The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!