19 Photos That Will Send Cuspers On A Trip Down Memory Lane

    Take me back to the Scholastic book fair days.

    Let's take a trip down memory lane.

    1. These fonts that _basically _made you a graphic designer.

    BRB, redoing my resume using that rainbow font. 

    2. The most satisfying feeling ever.

    Did you ever stick your tongue in one of these, or was I just a troubled child?

    3. These shirts that let everyone know you were the baddest bitch in school.

    REAL fashion.

    4. This photo that somehow smells like fried food and feet.

    Oh, if those carpeted walls could talk...

    5. These needy bitches.

    I had such a meltdown when mine died.

    6. These forbidden gum balls.

    God, I just want to chew one. 

    7. This foolproof fortune teller.

    Before Co-Star, there was MASH.

    8. This movie that still haunts me.

    That snowman still visits me in my nightmares.

    9. These ankle-breakers.

    They had to know these were a bad idea, right?

    10. This iconic squad.

    Flexible queens!

    11. The teacher we wished we had.

    This show gave me some unrealistic expectations about field trips.

    12. The forbidden Rice Krispies Treats.

    I _begged _my parents for a set of Floam. I then proceeded to play with it twice. What a brat. 

    13. This groundbreaking technology. 

    I just blasted Radio Disney in my bathroom instead.

    14. This classroom we all somehow had.

    Cue the stress-induced nightmares.

    15. This precursor to virtual reality.

    I could stare into one of these babies for hours.

    16. This unforgettable face.

    Those eyes really pierce the soul.

    17. This serotonin generator.

    What a rush.

    18. These dental disasters.

    RIP our teeth.

    19. Finally, this forbidden fruit.

    It's not normal to want to sniff and eat markers this badly.